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  • EU member states will continue to actively support Ukraine’s healthcare system
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 05 May 2023 17:45

    EU member states are Ukraine’s key partners in the fight against russia. This was emphasised by Viktor Liashko, Minister of Health of Ukraine, during a ministerial meeting of EU member states, which was attended by the heads of various EU healthcare institutions.

    “It is very important for Ukraine to feel the support of the EU countries, as the countries of the European region are our key partners in responding to this unjustified russian aggression. The healthcare sector is one of the most affected by the war and one of the most stressed. We have seen an increase in demand for various types of medical care and services. Today, there is not a single hospital in Ukraine without a Ukrainian who has suffered as a result of the war. Every sixth healthcare facility has physically felt the effects of russia’s so-called ‘precision weapons’ on its walls. The targeting of healthcare facilities is only part of a wider pattern of deliberate attacks on civilian infrastructure, including residential buildings, schools, universities, water and electricity facilities, transport, warehouses, food supplies, etc. All these actions are carried out deliberately, including with the aim of exerting pressure and intimidating the civilian population. For more than 400 days, the aggressor has not realised that nothing will force the Ukrainians to retreat. Just as no amount of gas, energy or political blackmail has forced you, our European partners, to turn away from helping Ukraine and make concessions to the country that started this war. I am grateful that the level of humanitarian support for Ukraine remains high, and the political pressure on the aggressor continues to grow,” said Health Minister Viktor Liashko, addressing his European counterparts.

    The Minister added that russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine had put a critical strain on the national healthcare system. To date, more than 1,400 medical facilities have been damaged, and 177 have been destroyed to the ground. Since the start of the war, russia has also damaged 103 ambulances, destroyed another 250 and seized 125, and nearly 700 pharmacies have been attacked. Many countries have already patronised certain regions and institutions. The process is now being coordinated and ambitious plans are being implemented.

    In addition to responding directly to the challenges of a full-scale war, the Ministry continues to work on strategic tasks: reforming and rehabilitating the healthcare system, preserving human resources, protecting health workers and improving the efficiency of healthcare management. The Development Strategy until 2030 and the recovery plan have already been developed.

    The representatives of the EU member states reaffirmed their full and unequivocal support for Ukraine in the fight against the aggressor, and expressed their readiness to continue supporting Ukraine and cooperating on projects in various areas. These include support for displaced Ukrainians, integration of medical professionals and facilitation of employment conditions in some EU countries, provision of humanitarian aid, development of physical and psychological rehabilitation services, participation in the reconstruction of destroyed or damaged infrastructure, medical evacuation of Ukrainians abroad, and increasing the number of mobile hospitals.

    The Ministry of Health is also actively working towards integration with the European community. Self-screening is underway, and a plan has been developed to align more than 600 documents with EU requirements. Our aim is to create a transparent system in which Ukraine can become a fully-fledged part of the European healthcare space and is able to meet its requirements.