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  • Comment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine regarding the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 27 January 2023 16:31

    Ukraine observes with concern the aggravation of the security situation on the territory of Israel and Palestine, caused by mutual missile attacks.
    Ukraine, who is suffering from the defiant armed aggression of the russian federation, understands the need for peace like no one else. 
    Condemning manifestations of terrorism in any form, Ukraine advocates the need for peaceful coexistence of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples and calls on the parties to exercise restraint and immediately stop rocket attacks to prevent further human casualties and destruction. 
    Ukraine also welcomes the mediation efforts of the international community aimed at de-escalating the situation and finding ways to resolve the conflict, including its final settlement based on the principle of two states that will coexist in peace and security.