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  • Ihor Klymenko: About 25% of Ukraine’s territory is contaminated with mines and explosive devices
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 04 April 2024 14:15

    As a result of the full-scale russian invasion, about 25% of Ukraine’s territory is currently contaminated with mines and explosive devices. This was stated by Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko in an interview with a news agency.

    “The de-occupied regions are the most heavily mined. Actually, stabilisation measures there begin with demining,” the Minister said.

    According to him, the first priority is to clear settlements.

    “We want to return the authorities there as soon as possible, restore the operation of enterprises, critical infrastructure facilities, etc. Agricultural land is also a priority,” the Interior Minister stressed.

    He noted that the longer the occupation of a settlement lasted, the more extensive the mining was.

    Answering a question from the agency’s journalist about the priority of demining, Ihor Klymenko said that this was a complex issue, especially in the frontline regions.

    “We can clear a settlement, declare it safe, and then have another shelling. And that’s it, we start all over again. That’s why there are a lot of conditionalities now. Moreover, we still find shells from the Second World War in the ground,” he explained.