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  • A group of Ukrainian citizens who arrived from Bali and Qatar was accommodated for observation at the hotel of the Ministry of Defence
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 30 March 2020 11:48

    Today at 6:00 the state-owned enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Hotel Kozatsky, in Kyiv, placed for observation 100 people who had arrived from Bali and Qatar.

    To ensure the implementation of the demand of the President of Ukraine to prevent the spread of the epidemic, all who return to the country must be placed for observation within 14 days. Administration of the state-owned enterprise Kozatsky Hotel subordinate to the Ministry of Defense appealed to the local authorities to assist in resolving this issue.

    3 buses, accompanied by police cars, delivered the arriving citizens to the observation site. Some of the settlers disagreed with the need for certain precautionary measures abiding. Administrative protocols have been drawn up in this regard.

    Kozatsky Hotel has been on quarantine for 20 days not operating. Now all the hotel staff is on site. All work in protective gear. Those Ukrainians who arrived from Bali and Qatar must abide by the regime and stay in the rooms. Food will be brought to the rooms. Now all functions of the hotel are being resumed to provide everything necessary for those who will stay on quarantine. The problem of restoring high-speed Internet is being addressed. Another group of Ukrainians is expected to arrive on observation at Kozatsky Hotel of the Ministry of Defense.