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  • Global Digital Health Partnership Summit: Ukraine to continue cooperation with other countries for the development of digital health services
    Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, posted 28 February 2019 13:51

    Ukraine took part in the Global Digital Health Partnership Summit. Together with the member states discussed global cooperation in the development and implementation of new approaches in terms of modern technology.

    "We agreed on further cooperation between our countries to develop digital healthcare, and in synergy we approved the Delhi Declaration on Digital Health. Case studies from other countries can serve as a  good examples for us. In some ways, we can become an example for others. I briefed my colleagues on e-Health system and the course of its implementation", Acting Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Ulana Suprun told about outcomes of a business trip to New Delhi (India).

    The development of e-Health system was identified as a promising one at the beginning of the transformation of the healthcare system.  This component will help completely retrofit the system and lay the market principles (where it is possible).

    At present, 1,805 health facilities and 24. 5 thousand doctors have already joined eHealth 25.9 million Ukrainians have signed a declaration with doctors. 15 MIS (medical information systems) that designed to implement modern technological solutions to the system joined the said system as well.

    The benefits of the e-Health system, namely, patients do not need to keep copies of their medical records and the history of the disease, all information about the patient's treatment, his medical contraindications or chronic illness can be easily found in the system, the doctor, using international protocols and the electronic system, will not be able to prescribe a recipe for unnecessary medications to the patient, for example, antibiotics - the system simply will not allow it.