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  • Prime Minister at EBA Annual General Membership Meeting: Successful reforms in synergy with successful business will make Ukraine stronger
    Information and Communication Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 20 November 2018 18:45

    A success of the reforms introduced by the Government in synergy with the successful business operating in Ukraine can serve as a blueprint for strengthening economy.  Therefore, the  core objectives of the Cabinet of Ministers for the coming period are to ensure financial stability, economic growth and to continue the reforms.

    Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman made this statement during the annual meeting of the members of the European Business Association. It is one of the largest associations of entrepreneurs and enterprises, which already has more than 1 thousand members.

    The participants of the meeting noted that this year they felt an unprecedented openness of government, opportunity to make decisions not only at the level of top officials but also at middle level officials. The Government has also taken striking measures to combat smuggling and  shadow economy, changes in educational systems, health care, business protection were introduced.  According to business circles, this is a good trend that has to be strengthened. Entrepreneurs, for their part, have promised to build up capacity and multiply investment in the development of their enterprises, and, consequently, the economy as a whole.

    The Prime Minister, appealing to the meeting participants, stressed the each meeting with business people is a good opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss problems, and to take stock of  what has been done. It is an opportunity to correctly assess the challenges and opportunities in order to achieve leadership in many areas.

    "We managed to shape  a good and transparent dialogue to work together to develop solutions. We are interested to make each business a successful one. Entrepreneurs create a national product, workplaces and  make Ukraine stronger. The Government’s task is to help to open up this potential and remove obstacles. It can be done in unity by taking necessary, sometimes unpopular, decisions", Volodymyr Groysman underscored.

    He added that the progress of government reforms is uneven and the situation is far from the perfect one. And discussions with international partners are sometimes very tough. However,  models of changes seek to bring a new quality of life, as well as to  give impetus to the development of human potential are being formed now.

    "The fact that you  forecast the economic growth  in 2019 is a signal to us that we are on the right track," the Head of Government stressed.

    According to Volodymyr Groysman, at present, the task is to approve the State Budget. It’s approval will allow to continue the process of transformations, and to ensure financing of priorities - from security and army and to infrastructure projects, railway modernization, changes in education and medicine.

    The Prime Minister placed a special emphasis on the fact that shadow economy and populism are key enemies on this path and he stressed that in order to remove these obstacles it is incredibly important to stick to the blueprint which is designed to protect the interests of Ukrainians.

    Prime Minister at EBA Annual General Membership Meeting: Successful reforms in synergy with successful business will make Ukraine stronger