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  • Hennadii Zubko: Equal development of regions is key issue on national agenda for the next 5 years
    Service of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, posted 25 February 2019 12:18

    The countyr's overriding goal for the next 5 years is equal development of the regions. Today, in Ukraine, cities with population of more than a million in contrast to district centers and villages have more greater opportunities - taxes, high-quality education, medicine, administrative services, etc. Our goal is to equalize the regions' potential in terms of quality of life and the competitiveness of regions which will allow to attract investment as well as to develop own tax base and revenues.

    This was announced by Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine Hennadii Zubko at the Regional Development Council held in Lviv.

    "We are talking about two promising areas. The first one is the development of human potential based on the quality of life, service quality and the environment. And the second one is the competitiveness index of the regions, which encapsulates quality of infrastructure, training and investment climate. In order to achieve these goals we have developed the necessary legislative framework, standards and financial instruments being already implemented in the regions through decentralization reform," Hennadii Zubko stressed.

    Due to the decentralization over the past 4 years local budgets have grown up to UAH 291 billion, local government revenues have increased by UAH 14.7 billion, assistance to regions for the implementation of infrastructure projects from the State Fund for Regional Development  makes up UAH 7.7 billion, a subvention to consolidated territorial communities – UAH 2.1 billion, upon the initiative of the President of Ukraine  funds to the tune of UAH 5.5 billion  for the development of rural medicine were allocated to the regions.

    "It is very important to mention how public financial support and local budget funds are converted into quality of life. We have developed a network of Centers for Administrative Services Provision (CASPs) located in less than 30 minutes for people to get in. At present, there have already been established 779 CASPs, of which 125 in the consolidated communities. Also, with the support of the program "U-LEAD with Europe" by the end of 2019 there will be established additional 300 CASPs. The second important component that affects the quality of life is an education. There are already 300 New Education Spaces in Ukraine aimed to ensure 4 important standards: inclusiveness and barrier-free, energy efficiency, motivational design and advanced equipment. By the end of 2019, we are planning to establish another 600 New Education Spaces ", Hennadii Zubko stressed.

    According to the Deputy Prime Minister,  the important  task for the next five years is to ensure Ukraine will become a regional leader among East European countries and post-Soviet countries. "Today we have boundary mountain territories, sparsely populated territories, temporarily occupied territories, and therefore our primary goal is to equalize the disproportions between the development of the regions and to eliminate the concept of periphery. Therefore, the priority task is to ensure quality infrastructure and services, create new jobs, and increase GDP. It is also possible to achieve the said goals due to already established instruments, namely, sectoral support by the European Union in five programs: rural development, human potential, tourism, all-Ukrainian solidarity, innovation and investment. And also due to the tools that we have to work out and approve, in particular, adoption of the law on the tax on withdrawn capital, because, the funds at the enterprises will enable us able to find resource necessary for development, as well as  to deepen work with the European partners", Hennadii Zubko stressed.

    "As His Beatitude Lubomyr Husar said in order to achieve the lofty goal, it is necessary to unite the whole society. To unite around common targets and family values. Because all values are built around the family. We passed a difficult path. Your leadership and your communities have demonstrated efficient work and have achieved success  and I want you to be re-elected  at the next local elections. You are wise and you have experience. Together we have to fight for the decentralization reform and for the goals that we have to implement together for the next 5 years ", Hennadii Zubko underscored.