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  • Oleksiy Honcharuk: Сhildren should live in families. Government is reforming the system boarding schools
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 31 January 2020 14:27

    Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk together with Minister of Social Policy Yulia Sokolovska visited a family-type orphanage in Zhytomyr region. The Government has allocated UAH 1.1 million for its purchase in November last year.

    The house was bought in December last year for the Obodzinsky family. Olga and her husband bring up three siblings - Andriy, Vladyslav, and Dmytro. Child protection services will soon place two more children in the care of the Obodzinskyi family.

    "Last November, we allocated money to buy this home. Already in December, due to joint efforts of the Ministry of Social Policy and local authorities of Zhytomyr region the building was passed into the ownership of the Obodzinsky family. This is just one example of how we plan to reform the Soviet system of boarding schools,"  Oleksiy Honcharuk said.

    There are still 100,000 Ukrainian children living and studying in boarding schools in Ukraine. The state allocates about UAH 12 billion for the maintenance of boarding schools every year, on the average, the child receives about UAH 10,000 per month.

    "At present, only 15% of the money allocated by the state for the maintenance of children in boarding schools is spent on the child, while the remaining 85% is spent on staff salaries and utility expenses for boarding schools. Funding is spent inefficiently, and our Government will change this situation," Oleksiy Honcharuk stressed.

    According to the PM, family-type orphanages are an example of how boarding schools should be reformed. Today there are only 1,153 such family based care homes in Ukraine. The task of local authorities for 2020 is to implement a government strategy in this area and to help the first 10% of children in finding families in order to leave boarding schools.

    It should be noted that the Government had already increased the payments to orphans and children deprived of parental care to 2.5 and 3.5 times (for children with disabilities) living wages per child.

    Oleksiy Honcharuk: Сhildren should live in families. Government is reforming the system boarding schools