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  • Uninterrupted communications for critical infrastructure: Ukraine gets 5,000 more Starlinks from Poland
    Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, posted 21 December 2023 15:20

    The Polish government has handed over another 5,000 Starlinks to Ukraine. The terminals are being transferred to critical infrastructure facilities and frontline areas to ensure uninterrupted communications.

    “Since the first days of the full-scale war, the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation has been working to provide Ukraine with Starlinks. With the support of our partners, we have become one of the countries with the largest number of terminals. And this is one of our main advantages over the enemy. Thanks to Starlinks, communication is quickly restored to the de-occupied territories, and schools and hospitals continue to operate. I am grateful to the Polish government for another large-scale batch of 5,000 Starlinks. Out of 47,000 terminals operating in Ukraine, we received 19,500 thanks to our Polish partners,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

    Thanks to the agreements between the Ministry of Digital Transformation and international donors and partners, about 47,000 Starlinks are currently operating in Ukraine. The largest number of terminals was donated by Poland – more than 19,500. Some of them have been delivered to the Points of Invincibility. Thanks to this, thousands of Ukrainians have been able to use high-quality internet and stay connected even during blackouts.

    Starlinks have already become part of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. Schools, medical facilities, social and energy sectors continue to operate thanks to the terminals.

    Starlinks are also helping to restore communications within hours in de-occupied territories where the russians deliberately destroyed telecoms infrastructure and removed telecoms equipment.

    We are grateful to the Polish government and the Ministry of Digital Affairs, as well as the National Institute of Telecommunications, for their strong support in ensuring communications in Ukraine.