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  • Council of Europe Development Bank grants EUR 100 million to Ukraine to implement projects in the field of medical infrastructure restoration and rehabilitation
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 17 November 2023 14:35

    Agreements on cooperation and additional funding between the Ministry of Health and international partners were reached during the visit of the Council of Europe Development Bank mission to Ukraine in August. The Bank's Governor Carlo Monticelli and Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko discussed interaction and strengthening cooperation in the healthcare sector during the war.

    "The healthcare infrastructure and access to medical services in Ukraine have been severely damaged and deteriorated as a result of russia's brutal aggression. 1,468 healthcare facilities have already been damaged, and another 193 have been completely destroyed beyond repair. Our goal is to provide Ukrainians with access to medical care despite all the challenges. I am sincerely grateful to international partners, in particular the Council of Europe Development Bank, for their reliable support and assistance in achieving this goal," Viktor Liashko stressed.

    The Council of Europe Development Bank has approved the allocation of EUR 100 million to restore the healthcare system and meet urgent healthcare needs. The loan will be used to support the Healthcare Enhancement and Lifesaving (HEAL) Ukraine project, developed by the World Bank in cooperation with the Ukrainian authorities, which aims to bring together development partners.

    "Today marks an important milestone in our work with Ukraine to rebuild the country. Our first loan to the Ministry of Health is aimed at restoring and improving access to essential health services, including mental health, and is an important step towards a sustainable recovery for the people of Ukraine," said Carlo Monticelli.

    The key areas of cooperation will focus on meeting Ukraine's priority healthcare needs. The funds will be used to implement existing projects and launch new ones. The funding will help strengthen primary healthcare and support mobile teams providing essential medical services in war-affected regions of the country, as well as in remote areas. The project includes repairing damaged healthcare facilities and will help address new urgent healthcare needs, including those related to mental health. In the longer term, it will increase the resilience of Ukraine's healthcare sector through targeted investments in electronic healthcare and the introduction of new functions for sustainable and innovative healthcare delivery.

    Background information

    On 15 June 2023, Ukraine completed the accession process and became the 43rd member state of the Council of Europe Development Bank. The Bank's cooperation with Ukraine is one of the strategic objectives for 2023-2027.

    The Council of Europe Development Bank was established in 1956 to help European countries address issues related to the socially targeted reintegration of refugees, displaced persons and migrants.