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  • Aliona Babak outlines key priorities for Ministry for Community and Territory Development

    “Among the priority areas of activity for the Ministry for Community and Territory Development are decentralization and regional development, energy efficiency and housing and communal sector, architecture and construction. Of the innovations, and this applies to all ministries, is the introduction of a digitization block. This is one of the topmost priorities of the new Government and the Prime Minister of Ukraine. It is also extremely important in view of the ministry's functionality related to maintaining various electronic registries and introduction of e-services”, the newly appointed Minister for Community and Territory Development Aliona Babak stressed at a staff meeting in the Ministry.

    According to her, the priority objectives include drafting a roadmap of tasks to the new Government's Action Program, submitting urgent decisions to the nearest CMU meeting and developing prospects for the development of each department of the Ministry to comply with the new objectives.

    Moreover, the Minister informed that day a meeting would take place in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to rename the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Utilities of Ukraine and to discuss further reorganization.