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  • Ukravtodor presented an interactive map
    State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine, posted 27 February 2020 17:05

    On February 27, the State Road Agency of Ukraine (Ukravtodor) presented a comprehensive web-based solution "Interactive Map of Ukravtodor". It is designed to provide up-to-date and reliable information on key logistics arteries of Ukraine - roads of national significance.

    Options of the Interactive Map:

    • Control of the compliance of the construction and road repair programs (Road Strategy for 2020). At present, it is possible to see on the map all the sections that will be repaired under the road repair program this year. The road agencies in the regions will add to the map current sections when new Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decisions on launching road works under other sources of funding are endorsed.

    "Contractors will receive funds for road maintenance - these are minor repairs and road signs and markings, as well as snow removal. Due to an interactive map, businesses can quickly get information about problems and solve them in a timely fashion. The task of Ukravtodor is to apply sanctions to the contractor who violates the requirements of the contract, " the Chairman of Ukravtodor Olexandr Kubrakov said.

    • Open communications - citizens can receive objective and live information on the congestion (repairs, road accidents, traffic obstruction, complications of traffic), objects of roadside service, the location of parking lots and emergency areas, weather conditions on the roads, etc. Currently, the main sources of data are information from road services, hydrometeorological centre data, Weigh-in-motion systems, road controls (lidars, scanners, cameras), GPS trackers for contractors, and citizen appeals concerning road situations. Also, in the framework of partnership interaction arrangements are made for data exchange with international IT companies operating in Ukraine.
    • "We believe in partnership. There are currently a number of really useful apps available such as Waze, Bolt, Uber, Diia and more. And it is important for us that they start integrating with our map. After all, if you're using Waze, it's clear that it doesn't make much sense to install a few more similar apps. Our priority is to organize all the appeals in one place and to be able to process them effectively, " Jaanika Merilo, Advisor to the Chairman of Ukravtodor stressed.

    3. The citizens’ appeal module - is a function of the map, by means of which it is possible to send information to Ukravtodor about existing problems that impede comfortable travel (poor road conditions, obstacles, traffic events, etc.).

    "The principle of operation of the appeal module is quite simple. A citizen drives along the road - in the process of driving, he has questions. For example, there is no lighting, garbage on the road borders, potholes, obstruction of movement, etc. Now he can directly appeal to Ukravtodor by using a web-browser. The appeal will get to the dispatcher, and the citizen will be able to continue to monitor the status of its processing and fulfilment," the Director of the SE Ukrdorzvyazok Vadym Goryushko underscored.