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  • The average nominal salary is almost 3 times higher than the minimum wage - Ukraine’s State Statistics Service
    posted 29 January 2018 17:41

    The average monthly earnings in December totaled UAH 8,777 that is 2.7 times higher than the statutory minimum salary set for 2017. According to the report released by the State Statistics Service, the average salary grew by 17.4% compared with November and by 35.5% over the year (December 2016 against December 2017).

    The increase in real wages over the year made up 18.9%, exceeding the annual inflation, which is also an indicator that an increase in incomes is faster than the rate of increase in prices.

    Workers of industrial enterprises, trade, transport, IT, financial and insurance, scientific and technical sphere, defense sector received salaries significantly higher than above-average pay. The average wages in education sphere amounted to UAH 7,166 and in the health care sector UAH 6,206.

    Residents of Kyiv receive the highest average salary - UAH 14,035, the lowest salary to the tune of UAH 7,798 is recorded in Kirovograd region. At the same time, even the smallest indicator exceeds the minimum wage by more than twice.


    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine projects an increase in the average wage in Ukraine as a result of 2018 up to UAH 10 thousand due to the further upturn and deshadowing of the economy.