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  • Stepan Poltorak: ‘Steadfast Firmness 2017’ proves the army is capable to meet any threats and defend the people
    posted 13 September 2017 10:26

    “We observe now the birth of a new Ukrainian army. Large-scale exercise ‘Steadfast Firmness 2017’ proves this statement. Combat experienced units with enhance their skills at military training fields”, wrote Army General Stepan Poltorak on his official Facebook page.

    “We’ll boost our combat capabilities during large-scale exercises and we will train our military to meet any threats and defend the people,” he stressed.

    Today, September 13, in Kherson oblast, in the framework of exercise Steadfast Firmness 2017 the military worked out military Dnipro river crossing exercise. The engineer units ensured the delivery of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and other equipment by means of pontoon raft. Other units worked out activities of special treatment of military equipment, smoke and aerosol screen, and topographic support of troops actions.