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  • White Book 2016. Armed Forces of Ukraine presented in Kyiv
    posted 08 September 2017 17:32

    Kyiv Central Officer’s House hosted a public presentation of the ‘White Book 2016. Armed Forces of Ukraine’ for the representatives of Kyiv Association of Defence Attaché, as well as foreign advisers accredited at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    First Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Ivan Rusnak presented the English version of the 12th edition of the White Book 2016.

    “The Ministry of Defence has launched a comprehensive reform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine aimed at achieving a required level of combat readiness, national defence, and increasing compatibility with NATO armies,” Mr Rusnak stressed and added that reform goals and tasks are harmonized with NATO-Ukraine partnership goals, 2016 Annual National NATO — Ukraine Program and NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package for Ukraine.

    He also briefed guests on key results of activities of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    “The Armed Forces of Ukraine boosted the combat potential. In 2016, we trained 18 brigades, 376 air crews, three ship groups, 28 ships (boats) and vessels, 13 special forces units,” Deputy Minister of Defence underlined. According to him, 5 battalions underwent training under NATO standards, 17 STANAGs were implemented, and the tactical medicine training centre was established.

    Mr Rusnak stressed that all achievements became possible only due to partners’ support.

    “We’re grateful for active participation in processes of reforms of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and Armed Forces of Ukraine. We hope for further joint cooperation aimed at strengthening the international security,” he summed up.

    There are 6 senior advisers from the USA, the UK, Canada, Lithuania, Germany, and Poland, as well as 59 advisers from 13 NATO nations working in Ukraine now.