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  • Armed Forces of Ukraine are in Top 30 of world’s best armies
    posted 31 August 2017 11:58

    This year Global Firepower, which annually rates the best armed forces of the world, has awarded Ukraine with the 30th place (between Sweden and Myanmar). The U.S. Armed Forces took the first place, and Russianthe second one.

    Top ten armies also included Great Britain, Japan, Turkey, Germany and Egypt.The rating of the best armies of the world included 133 countries.

    To compose the rating, Global Firepower fulfilled a comprehensive study, taking into account above 50 factors.

    Countries with a nuclear arsenal received bonus points. Similarly, additional points were awarded to NATO members.

    Compared to bordering countries, Ukraine took the third placeafter Russia and Poland (19th place).

    It should be noted that each year the Armed Forces of Ukraine are rising ever higher in the ranking of the best armies of the world.