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  • Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine on the Day of Christianization of Kyivan Rus-Ukraine
    posted 28 July 2017 09:00

    Fellow Ukrainians!


    The Christianization of Kyivan Rus became an epoch-making event that had determined further development of the Ukrainian state and its place among the European nations, as well as foreordained the civilizational and cultural mar of history in our country. By baptizing the Rus, Princes of Kyiv had established stateness being among the most successful in the Europe of those days.

    Having been converted to Christianity, Prince Volodymyr the Great then paved the way for Kyiv to be an essential part of the European civilization for the millenniums to come, created conditions for the formation of the unique sociocultural environment, which has been and still remains an integral part of Europe. For centuries, the Ukrainian land was developing in the tideway of the European Christian culture, and even emerging of the eastern tyranny and its lingering governance had failed to change it. Back to the time when many European countries were just beginning to develop their own statehood, Ukraine had already chosen its European future due to the baptization.

    In the distant 988 our ancestors on the slopes of the Dnieper river chose the path towards civilization and development, wisdom and kindness, light and love. May the chosen way either become a guarantee of our success and drive of all Ukrainians for new achievements!

    I wish all of You peace, harmony, good health and unwavering self-confidence!



    Prime Minister of Ukraine                                             Volodymyr GROYSMAN