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  • Prime Minister: Over-execution of the budget revenues is due to the growth of the economy
    posted 04 July 2017 00:18

    Offered by the Government amendments to the state budget containing plans to redistribute at least UAH 24 billion have proved possible due to overfulfilment of the revenue part of the State Budget as a result of the growth of the economy and its de-shadowing, announced Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on air of the ICTV channel.

    "We have achieved economic upturn, we have simplified tax administration, in particular in such area as value added tax. Abuse of this tax is no longer possible. The economy is coming out of the shadow and demonstrating growth”, the Head of Government said. “What does the growth of economy mean? This means that there will be more money that we can reinvest in the quality of life. And what is the quality of life? Each particular person should be healthy, have access to education, better to have a job, to drive along normal roads... This is our challenge, but to achieve that we must work. "

    The Prime Minister reminded that the list of directions for allocating funds obtained from over-execution of the budget target includes subsidy programs, salaries for state employees, the "Available Medicine" program, from which 1.5 million citizens have benefitted, and other programs.