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  • Ministry of Economic Development launched discussion of the cluster development program for Ukraine
    posted 03 July 2017 10:25

    The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine hosted a working meeting chaired by First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Maxym Nefyodov June 28 dedicated to considering a cluster industrial development program as a fundamentally new strategy designed to boost the national industry of Ukraine.

    Industrial clusters represent a modern integrated approach to the industrial policy, which involves gathering of several local enterprises within the frames of a single production process to enhance the competitiveness of each of them. It increases the role of the regional economy. International experience demonstrates its effectiveness: in the EU the clusters are united into regional markets, promoting the development of innovation and infrastructure on the ground, providing about 38% of jobs. At that, 33.3% of EU firms from emerging industries in clusters showed stable employment growth.

    "When people talk about the development of industry, they for some reason always picture only support from the center - budget subsidies, preferential loans and so on. There is another approach - to develop industrial centers where there is support of local authorities and regional prerequisites for the development of the cluster", explained Maxym Nefyodov.

    The combination of modern cluster policies, strategies for smart specializations (knowledge and innovative solutions economy) with decentralization policies will allow Ukraine to create conditions for economic and industrial development, strengthen the competitive advantages of certain regions and increase the economic capacity of communities on the ground.

    In turn, Olha Bolybok, Project Manager of the Industrial Development Project within the Reform Office of the CMU says: "A cluster approach is beneficial for Ukraine through its logistic advantages, high-quality human capital, and the experience of organizing industry with a corresponding production culture. The cluster industrial policy will promote a closer interaction of the Ukrainian economy with international partners and further integration of Ukraine into the EU. It should ensure the development of innovations in the economy, as well as contribute to the growth of national GDP growth in the coming years. "

    The meeting on the discussion of cluster policy was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine together with the Office of Reforms of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


    Presentation: http://bit.ly/2tr4sOW .