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  • Ukraine informed IMO about provocative actions of the Russian Federation which threaten safety and security of navigation
    posted 16 June 2017 15:00

    Recent provocative actions of the Russian Side related to attempted interference to operation of the Ukrainian rescue vessel during regular exercises of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service of Ukraine in search and rescue region of Ukraine, which had occurred on 23 April 2017, proves once again Russia’s disregard of all norms and principles of international law. This was stated by Ukraine at the 98th session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee in London.

    In its statement at the Committee’s session the representative of Ukraine called on the Russian Federation to take all measures to prevent internationally wrongful acts in Ukraine’s search and rescue region as well as to provide appropriate assurances and guarantees that they will not repeat it in the future.

    The delegation of Ukraine also drew attention of IMO Member States to the fact that at the previous session of the Maritime Safety Committee it was decided to begin monitoring of the situation with the security and safety of navigation in the Northern part of the Black Sea, which has literally turned into a “grey zone” for international shipping as a result of the continued illegal occupation by the Russian Federation of the Crimean Peninsula.