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  • Volodymyr Groysman: Government has triggered a number of measures to ensure replacing anthracite coal mined in the temporarily uncontrolled territories
    posted 17 February 2017 12:43

    The Government has launched a series of activities aimed to achieve energy independence, namely increased the balance of nuclear power, enhanced Ukrainian gas production, engages in developing hydropower industry. The aforesaid steps will allow the country for 6 years to completely reduce the dependence on anthracite coal. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during his visit to the exhibition of agricultural machinery on Friday.

    “If someone says that the Government has done not enough to provide energy security, they are just empty words”, stressed the Prime Minister. We are following this way, and we will ensure, I guarantee, energy security of our state."

    Thus, in 2016, the Government stopped the decline in Ukrainian gas production and enhanced its extraction, stressed Volodymyr Groysman. “Ukraine has mineral resources, engages in exploration, and plans to grow gas production. The Prime Minister assures that in 3-5 years, in 2020, Ukraine will refuse from import of gas.

    Apart from that, the Government has increased the share of nuclear energy in the overall energy balance - from 47% to 57%. "It's real economy of coal, of those volumes that were earlier burnt”, he added.

    Volodymyr Groysman reminded that in late January he had visited Khmelnitsky NPP: "We must grow the share of nuclear energy".

    The Prime Minister also recalled that in June of 2016 there had been launched a unit at the Dniester HPP: "We are talking about 300 MW of electricity produced from hydropower which replaces today the use of coal."

    Moreover, the Dniester HPP saw the launch of the construction of the fourth unit with the capacity of 350 MW, noted the Head of Government.

     "All these contribute to the reduction of our dependence on anthracite coal", said Volodymyr Groysman.

    In September, there were built two transmission lines from the Khmelnitsky and Rivne stations to where there was a shortage of energy – to the center of the country, said the PM, adding it had been one more measure to enhance development of nuclear power industry.

    In addition, construction of the line from Zaporzhzhia nuclear power plant is underway nowadays.

    In March 2017 the modernization of one unit at the Trypillia TPP will be completed, thereby providing an opportunity to switch from anthracite coal to that of the gas group being produced on controlled by Ukraine territory.

    "This means that annually, starting from the next heating season we will be able to save around 2.5-3 million tonnes, which means not needing to extract anthracite group of coal. We had 9 million tonnes consumed, so it will be 6 million tonnes. And we make progress. Next year we will be able to economize another 2.5-3 million. It will totally deprive us of dependence", the Prime Minister said and pledged the Government is committed to ensure energy security of our country both regarding power and gas.

     Speaking about the structure of electricity in the country, Volodymyr Groysman noted that 57% is generated from nuclear power, one third – from thermal power, coal by thermal power plants, 9% - from hydropower, there remains certain share of alternative energy.

    Ukraine consumes 24 million tonnes of coal, of which 9 million tonnes falls within anthracite coal. It is extracted from the Ukrainian mines located on the temporarily uncontrolled territories, stressed the Head of Government.

    "Our goal is to build an energy system which is independent. We are now actively working on that. But during the interim period we need that coal. Therefore, by blocking the coal and everything that the metallurgical complex of Ukraine needs, there occurs a risk - I mean ordinary Ukrainian citizens - power blackout. I will do everything to prevent that. But if coal reserves exhaust there won’t be another option", he said.

    Therefrom, the Government has introduced emergency measures in the energy sector aimed to extend the period of use of those reserves that had been preformed as a result of efficient activity.