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  • Volodymyr Groysman tasks newly appointed SAUMP head to provide lower prices for medicines from January 1
    posted 06 December 2016 14:22

    Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman has tasked the newly appointed head of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products and Drugs Control Service (SAUMP) Natalia Gudz to ensure the introduction of fair prices for medicines in Ukraine since 1 January. He stated this during a meeting on Tuesday.

    "Now the task includes reference pricing, reimbursement, registration of medicinal products and support for national producers. These four objectives are essential, and the result should be very clear, it should be tangible: from January 1, the price for the three categories of medicines should be reduced in line with the system, which we’ve introduced," stressed the Prime Minister, adding it is crucial to meet two requirements: a fair price and quality.

    Volodymyr Groysman reminded that the Government had adopted a series of decisions aimed at reduction of prices for medicines in Ukraine and deregulation of the pharmaceutical market.

    The Prime Minister said that in synergy with the team of the Ministry of Health he had summoned a number of meetings with representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, importers, distributors and manufacturers to find appropriate solutions to the problems and stressed those trying to sabotage would be punished.

    Speaking about the decisions endorsed, Volodymyr Groysman noted that the introduction of the reference pricing mechanism would contribute to fixing right prices for medicinal products in Ukraine. "We should prevent the Ukrainian citizens from overpaying 30-40-50-100% for those drugs that are much cheaper in the neighbouring countries," accentuated Volodymyr Groysman.

    Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers has submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a law aimed at simplifying the registration of medicines. The Head of Government noted that in the process of importation and registration of medicines in Ukraine there used to be abuses, corruption and bribery, leading to unreasonable prices and import of low quality medicines. "The second objective for you is to ensure the registration of medicines be maximally simplified, thereby providing an opportunity to buy in Ukraine medicines at reasonable prices and of high quality," stressed the Prime Minister.

    In addition, the Government introduced a mechanism of reimbursement (compensation of cost) on medication from cardiovascular disease, diabetes type II and bronchial asthma starting 1 January 2017.

    Volodymyr Groysman noted that in January will be made initial conclusions regarding the situation with reducing prices, cases of abuse and punishment administered.

    Separately, the Head of the Government urged the new head of the Administration to pay peculiar attention to the Ukrainian producers and to create appropriate conditions for the production of top-quality medicinal products in Ukraine.

    Volodymyr Groysman called on the head of the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products and Drugs Control Service to get started as soon as possible. By order of the Cabinet of Ministers on the appointment of the head of the State Administration the probationary period is two months.