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  • Prime Minister says Budget 2016 lacks resource to finance decision of Parliament to raise salaries for MPs
    posted 25 October 2016 00:51

    The Government doesn’t fix salaries of MPs of Ukraine and hasn’t planned funds to finance such growth in the State budget for 2017. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman said on air of the ICTV channel on Monday evening.

    Answering a question on the adoption by the people's deputies of a decision to raise themselves wages, the Prime Minister said: "The Government is not responsible for setting salaries for MPs. Parliament’s members fix salaries for themselves by a resolution of the Parliament.

    The Head of Government explained that during consideration of the draft Law On State budget of Ukraine for 2017 in the first reading at its plenary session on 20 October, the Parliament had to endorse the conclusions and recommendations to the draft budget and submit them to the Government.http://www.kmu.gov.ua/img/1x1.gif

    The Committee on the budget, avoiding consultation with the Government included into this resolution "not just recommendation, but a new payroll system for MPs".

    Volodymyr Groysman believes it was a mistake as it demanded serious discussions with the Government and inside the political parties.

    "I believe that now it is absolutely untimely to fix such a drastic increase in wages for MPs of Ukraine. Frankly speaking, I think that I'm not the only one who thinks that: the majority of Ukrainian citizens think that", he said.

    "Thus, we as the Government will not support it in that way, in such amount", said the Prime Minister.

    The Head of Government noted that such decisions should be made simultaneously with making amendments to the State budget. In the draft budget for 2017 submitted by the Government to the Parliament, as well as in the bill received back for finalizing "there isn’t planned a copeck for wage hikes for the MPs”, stressed Volodymyr Groysman.

    He noted that relevant provisions of the Ordinance come into force from 1 November 2016. According to him, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is working to find a solution in the situation.

    "Currently, we lack the resource to support the decision. So, here we must return to dialogue, sit down to talk in order to adopt correct decisions which would enable honest MPs to properly do their work", said the Head of Government.

    However, the Prime Minister stressed that the increase of wages for MPs should occur gradually and simultaneously with an increase of their responsibility: "If you come to the sessions of Parliament, work in committees, work on draft laws, participate in voting, you can get paid. If you do not, you should have serious deductions - you won’t just get paid."