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  • PM demands to create favorable conditions to ensure association of all interested communities
    posted 22 September 2016 14:15

    It is crucial to provide all necessary conditions to ensure unification of territorial communities in Ukraine. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman declared during the Government session on Thursday.

    "We should provide an opportunity for the communities that want to unite in order to be successful to do it in the shortest possible time", said Volodymyr Groysman.

    "We have today those wishing to prolong the process of uniting into territorial communities. Hundreds of communities are expecting such a decision," he said, announcing the consideration by the Cabinet of Ministers of a question of the allocation of funds for the financing of elections in such communities.

    The Prime Minister also noted that the Government preserved comprehensive financial decentralization in the draft budget for 2017.

    "I would like to emphasize that this reform is extremely important, the core one: when communities are given opportunities, financing, powers for the development of their own territories - when particular towns, villages, districts, regions build roads, schools, kindergartens and other infrastructure for themselves. This is what we did when the process of decentralization was launched", said Volodymyr Groysman.

    The Head of Government noted that during 2014-2016 the country had had an active phase of the launch of the reform to devolve power. He noted that he was the initiator of the reform.

    "I am proud that back in 2014 I directly led the process and together with my team started the reform, which should have been done from the beginning of our independence. Today we would have had a different level of the economy and weight as a European state", he said.

    The Prime Minister reminded that the previous week had marked another "step forward" in decentralization - a new project launched envisaging a grant of EUR 10 million from the European Union to be directed to the implementation of the reform, improving institutional capability and support for other infrastructure projects.