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    The Government Priorities

    Ukrainian shield
    Supply Ukraine's Security and Defence Forces with everything necessary to defeat the enemy. Developing the military-industrial complex and strengthening security standards in civilian life.
    The European integration of Ukraine
    The start of negotiations on EU membership, sectoral integration and the synchronisation of Ukrainian legislation with European legislation in order to be ready for EU membership as soon as possible.
    Efficient digital country
    Digitalisation of all basic public services for citizens and businesses. Further development of anti-corruption institutions and elimination of possible corrupt practises. Effective public administration and state-owned enterprises.
    Sustainable economy
    A new economic policy aimed at securing Ukraine's victory, maintaining macro-financial stability and further promoting economic growth. Supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, improving the investment climate, supporting Ukrainian manufacturers, and attracting foreign investment.
    New veterans policy
    Creating services, support programmes and opportunities for the successful transition of veterans from military service to civilian life. A new veterans policy based on the principles of respect.
    Reconstruction of everything that was destroyed
    Continuation of the policy of rapid recovery in priority areas. Rebuild housing, social and critical infrastructure, provide Ukrainians with electricity, heating, education and medical services.
    Social change
    Ukraine needs a new social agreement that corresponds to the realities and approaches of the modern world. The most important principle of an effective social policy is the development of people's capabilities instead of making them dependent.
    Energy independence
    Modernise, restore and increase the sustainability of the energy infrastructure. Further integration of Ukrainian energy with European energy and implementation of the provisions of the European Green Deal. Increase own gas production.
    Education for the successful country
    Developing a safe and innovative educational environment in Ukraine where pupils and students acquire the necessary skills and have the opportunity to realise their knowledge, ambitions and potential.
    Affordable modern medicine
    Improving the quality and availability of medical services, regardless of where people live. Restoration and modernisation of hospitals. New packages of medical services. Development of insurance medicine.
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