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  • SECOND TIER MEETING of Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine with Heads of Cooperation
    23 липня 2020 16:00 - 17:30


    • Endorsement of three tier coordination system of development cooperation dialogue in Ukraine: framework Launch the “second tier”. Take stock of the progress with establishing “third tier”. Plan the date for the Prime Minister Forum.
    • Discuss coordination framework.
    • Agree on streamlining of international technical assistance registration process.

    Participants: DPs, Co-Chairs of the Thematic Working Groups (3-tier of GoU-DP coordination)

    Moderator: Tetyana Kovtun, Deputy State Secretary of CMU

    • AGENDA
    • Opening remarks 
    • Chairperson - VPM Olga Stefanishyna 
    • HoC Co-chairpersons – UN RC/HC Osnat Lubrani, EUD HoC Stefan Schleuning 

    • Cooperation framework
    • VPM Olga Stefanishyna
    • Status of the GoU Programme and priorities for the Action Plan
      Remarks of DPs on priorities
    • Endorsement of three tier coordination system  
    • Tetyana Kovtun, Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers
    • HoC Co-Chairpersons remarks

    • Establishing “second tier” coordination 
    • Olena Krylova, consultant to DPs, and Tetyana Kovtun, SCMU
      Progress of establishing the SWG and key issues
    • Streamlining of international technical assistance registration process. 
    • Tetyana Kovtun, SCMU
    • Amendments to the GoU Decree 153
    • Reaction by DPs 
    • Next steps and operational conclusions
    • VPM Olga Stefanishyna, UN RC/HC Osnat Lubrani, EUD HoC Stefan Schleuning