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  • 2020 “Partnership for Development” Forum Declaration
    30 січня 2020 12:06

     Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk met with Heads of Missions and Heads of Cooperation in January 2020, in Kyiv, Ukraine, in a National Development Coordination Forum “Partnership for Development.” This meeting was an opportunity to strengthen the ongoing dialogue on strategic issues between the Government of Ukraine (GOU) and International Development Partners including International Financial Institutions (IFIs). The purpose of the dialogue is to coordinate and align priorities and facilitate cooperation. This meeting is also a key step in preparing for the next Ukraine Reform Conference in Vilnius and the presentation of Ukraine’s Voluntary National Review at the High-Level Political Forum in New York, both to be held in July 2020.

    Cooperation between Ukraine and the International Development Community is based on common interests and shared values, including support for an independent, democratic, prosperous, and healthy Ukraine united around core European values. Both sides underscored that their shared aim is to achieve tangible impact for all Ukrainian citizens grounded in Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement.  At the meeting, the GOU and the international community agreed to the following:

    • Foundational Support to Assist the GOU in Achieving its Priorities. The GOU has made important commitments to the EU Association Agreement (AA/DCFTA); and to 40% economic growth over five years (in GDP terms). Fundamental requirements to achieving these goals are inclusive economic growth, human capital development, rule of law, combating corruption, opening markets, improving the business climate, increasing social security as well as equal opportunity for all, including women and girls, to attain their full potential (in line with the Biarritz Partnership Agreement).

    Partners commit to providing technical assistance and advisory expertise to support local and national governments to integrate these goals into relevant policies and programs.

    1. GOU and Development Partners principles of collaboration:
    • Alignment of Assistance with Ukraine's Priorities. Development Partners are committed to supporting the GOU in delivering reforms in a timely manner.
    • Value for money. GOU and Development Partners commit to support programming that is cost effective, high quality, sustainable, responds to GOU needs and priorities and seeks to achieve tangible results.
    • Transparency and Accountability. GOU and Development Partners commit to working closely together to ensure a high level of transparency and accountability to support reform initiatives in the country.

    The GOU and Partners pledged to continue their collaboration on the preparation of Partners' development strategies and in all stages of project implementation. The GOU and Development Partners will engage in dialogue with all stakeholders, whose input is important for reforms process, including civil society organizations.

    1. Sustainability of Reforms. The GOU, as the owner of the reform process, understands that for reforms to be sustainable, they must be institutionalised and funded. Strong, independent and efficient institutions; effective checks and balances; long-term planning, and budgeting are all necessary to maintain progress and to maintain reforms achieved by now. To this end, the GOU and Development Partners will work collaboratively to develop a long-term strategy for renewing, improving and building a professional civil service underpinned by the Public Administration Reform (PAR) initiative. The availability of funding and sustainability of reforms are linked. Development Partners commend the GOU for incorporating some strategic reforms in the 2020 Budget, and for its commitment to incorporate further reforms in the 2021 Budget and beyond. Development Partners also welcome and encourage the GOU's transition to multi-year budgeting, which should positively impact strategic planning and ensure results are sustainable.

    1. Implementation of Investment projects. Implementation of Investment Projects. The GOU agrees to improve efficiency and accelerate the implementation and disbursement of already approved IFI investment projects in the public sector. To this end, the GOU will re-establish a technical working group, and with IFIs, review of the investment project cycle procedures in order to improve regulatory and institutional framework.

    1. Streamlining TA Project Operationalization. The GOU and Development Partners agree to map and to simplify administrative procedures related to International Technical Assistance (ITA). Development Partners commend the GOU for prioritizing these challenges including through the re-establishment of a working group on ITA registration and related issues and through proposing concrete revisions. Development Partners are committed to providing further assistance and technical expertise to support the GOU in this streamlining process.

    1. Donor Coordination. The GOU and Partners agree to meet on a regular basis to strengthen collaboration. The GOU committed to improve donor coordination function at the level of the Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. The GOU will work collaboratively with Partners through relevant working groups on priority sectors. These working groups will serve as a platform for strategic policy dialogue and in-depth discussions of the reform roadmap.