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Famous people of science and engineering

Famous people of science and engineering of Ukraine




Andrusov Mykola Ivanovych


Geologist, stratigrapher, palaeontologist

The works of M.I.Andrusov published by the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX centuries, represent an epoch in stratigraphy, palaeontology, palaeography, palaeoecology, oceanology. They gave an opportunity to develop a detailed stratigraphy of neogenic sediments of the Ponto-Caspian region that is still considered being a model of precision and accuracy of sub-units. Productive heritage of M.I.Andrusov influenced on the practice of oilfield discovery on new territories.





Antonov Oleh Kostyantynovych


Aircraft designer

Soviet aircraft designer of Ukrainian origin. The author of scientific works on gliding, aircraft construction. Under his direction a great number of training, transport and sports gliders and aircrafts had been created including piston-engined airplanes An-2 and An-14, turbo-prop aircrafts An-10, An-24, An-26, An-28, An-30, turbo-prop aircrafts An-12 and An-22 (Antey), jet An-72, all-metal sports gliders A-11, A-13, A-15.





Babko Anatoliy Kyrylovych



A.K. Babko had established the biggest analyst science school known in Ukraine and abroad that covered in its investigations the most important directions and branches of analytical chemistry.





Boholyubov Mykola Mykolayovych


Mathematician, mechanician, physicist

Mykola Boholyubov is one of the great of modern science. His works concern different branches of mathematics, mechanics, and physics. The results of his works considered being fundamental. Boholyubov realized as a scientist in the Ukrainian Academy of sciences where he under the direction of M.M.Krylov achieved successful results.





Bohomolets Oleksandr Oleksandrovych



Bohomolets is a great public man and figure in science. The most important direction of his creative research was the connective tissue study its morphogenesis, cellular components and cell-free structures, their share and role in the physiological and pathologic processes in organism.





Vernadsky Volodymyr Ivanovych


Natural historian; first President of S of the USSR (1919-1921)

Vernadsky has deep Ukrainian roots. His ancestor Verna participated in the liberation war of Ukrainian people 1648-1654 on Cossacks side. His grandfather had been ennobled and since then became Vernadsky.

Scientific works of Volodymyr Vernadsky dedicated to the research of the earth's crust chemical composition, atmosphere, hydrosphere, chemical elements migration in the earth's crust, the role of radioelement in its evolution. Vernadsky considered being a creator of biogeochemistry, founder of geochemist school, initiator of biosphere study, science historian, philosopher, and natural historian.





Vovk Fedir Kindratovych


Ethnographer, anthropologist and archaeologist

In his abundant works on archaeology, anthropology and ethnography the scientist Fedir Vovk had proved that the Ukrainians is a separate, distinguished from other Slavonic nations, anthropological type with unique ethnographical characteristic.





Hlushkov Viktor Mykhaylovych


Mathematician, cyberneticist

His name is related to the introduction of computers and discovery of principally new macroconveyer way of calculation, development of national computation center network, creation of artificial intelligence. Established the science school.




Zabolotny Danylo Kyrylovych


Microbiologist, epidemiologist, President of AS of the USSR (1928-1929)

D.K. Zabolotny studied the plague pathogen in detail, described the plague type, inquired into a question on plague vaccine and serum production, and discovered the natural plague centers. Results of his research provided introduction of rational preventive measures and creation of plague vaccine establishments network.





Kadenyuk Leonid Kostyantynovych


First astronaut of independent Ukraine

Space flight of Leonid Kadenyuk as a member of the international group spaceward and his investigations contributed to the image of Ukraine on international scene. Nowadays Leonid Kadenyuk serves in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, shares his experience to young colleagues, dreams of new triumph starts, hopes to realize a new space project with Ukrainian astronauts as members of the international crews.





Kyrpychov Viktor Lvovych


Scientist in the sphere of mechanics

V.L. Kyrpychov is famous for the spreading of similarity theory on issues of machine designing. He clearly understood the practical importance of his theory for building mechanics. The importance of similarity theory was spreading with the development of scientific and technical progress.





Kondratyuk Yuriy Vasylyovych


Scientist-inventor. One of the beginners of the rocket engineering and theory of space flights.

Yuriy Kondratyuk made an original contribution to power engineering, accomplishment of engineering problems on elevator technique, mining, construction and sugar refining production.

In his work The conquest of interplanetary spaces (1929) Y.Kondratyuk derived a basic equation of rocket flight, examined energy-wise advantageous trajectories of space flights, set out the multi-stage rocket theory. He also proposed to use some metals and non-metals and their hydrates for propellant. He examined the problems on transitional interplanetary base foundation, usage of gravitational field of celestial bodies for solving these problems. Many of his ideas have been used in practical astronautics.





Korolyov Serhiy Pavlovych


Scientist in the sphere of mechanics and management process, engineer of rocket-space systems.

In the history of space exploration the name of Korolyov S.P. is associated with an epoch of the first distinguished achievements. Due to his great abilities and talent as a scientist Korolyov managed to direct the work of many research teams. Scientific and engineering ideas of S.P. Korolyov had been widely adopted in rocket and space technologies.





Krymsky Ahatanhel Yukhymovych


Orientalist, specialist in the philology of the Slavs, writer, interpreter

In Kyiv Krymsky was a creator of the Ukrainian oriental studies. In the Academy of Sciences he headed the historical and philological department, Arabic- Iranian laboratory, living language dictionary commission, commission of the Ukrainian language history, dialectology and orthography commission. Since 1921 he was the director of the Ukrainian scientific language Institute. 1918-1921 worked as a professor on world history in the University of Kyiv. Additionally he was an editor of Reports of the historical and philological department of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, head of Kyivan affiliated branch of All-Union association of oriental studies.





Maksymovych Mykhaylo Oleksandrovych


Scientist- naturalist, historian, specialist in folklore, writer

Mykhaylo Maksymovych due to his versatile talent had left an appreciable trace in the spheres of natural history, botany, chemistry, zoology, physics, linguistics, folklore, ethnography, history, archaeology. Maksymovych made two important discoveries in the natural history.





Mechnykov Illya Illich


Biologist; founder of embryology, comparative pathology, immunology and microbiology.

Famous biologist whose scientific works have been dedicated to evolutional embryology, microbiology, immunology and gerontology. Began with the works on spineless zoology and comparative embryology. He had researched in detail a problem on initial stages of multicellular organism development. Developed the multicellular organism theory (1886). One of the founders of evolutional comparative embryology (1865-1876).





Ostrohradsky Mykhaylo Vasylyovych



A series of scientific works of Ostrohradsky concern the mathematics and mechanics methodology teaching in Higher and secondary Schools. Among his numerous works in different spheres of mathematical sciences it is necessary to mention his memoirs in the field of abstract mathematics, in particular the derived multiple integral variation formula (1834), as well as memoirs on rational functions integration. In the sphere of mechanics he successfully developed an idea of Fourier proving that conditions of possible transitions sometimes necessary to evaluate by inequation and introduce relations dependent on the time (1834).





Paton Borys Yevhenovych


Scientist in the sphere of electric welding, metallurgy and process metallurgy. President of AS of Ukraine (since 1962).





Paton Yevhen Oskarovych


Scientist bridge building and welding

Yevhen Paton is a prominent Ukrainian scientist, author of above 350 works. Created analysis of rational structural schemes of metal baulk constructions, investigated their function conditions, worked out the methods of destroyed bridges reconstruction. Accomplished fundamental researches in the analyses and stability of welding constructions, mechanization of welding processes, scientific bases of electric welding by means of fusion. The automatic velocity welding had been invented under his direction, which played an important role in the technological development.





Perets Volodymyr Mykolayovych


Literary critic

Contribution of V.M Perets is important in the Ukrainian history development in the broad sense of the word. He is one of the most active and resulting figure who has influenced the national community formation of Ukrainian scientists, establishment of its first professional organizations.





Pylchykov Mykola Dmytrovych



Mykola Pylchykov constructed seismograph, reflactometer. On the ground of the original experiments discovered a series of unknown properties of X-ray beams. Discovered and realized in practice the photovoltaic effect. Found out the way to control various mechanisms and devices in radio provided a basis of radio control.

Creative heritage of the scientist includes 100 works, above 25 original devices and settings, several new experimental methods of investigation.





Pyrohov Mykola Ivanovych


Surgeon, teacher, public man

The prominent Russian surgeon, founder of the field surgery and famous anatomist M.I. Pyrohov has spent the last 20 years of his life in Ukraine in the country estate Vyshnya that is in Vinnychyna. Since that time this place of Podillya is known all over the world. Just here Pyrohov developed his productive scientific and practical activity. He wrote important works on the field surgery, established in his estate a small chemist's shop and hospital. In spite of not very favorable conditions he managed to perform quite complicated for that period of time operations, successfully treated skin, eyes, infectious and venereal diseases.





Potebnya Oleksandr Opanasovych



Due to deep knowledge of the linguistics bases O. Potebnya made extremely interesting and important investigations of the verbal folk arts and the mythology problems in general. The Ukrainian scientist enlightened many things that have been ignored and considered being of secondary importance. Even nowadays we have many social problems because of our inability to realize the simple truth: language is the spiritual nature of people.





Pulyuy Ivan Pavlovych


Physicist and electrical engineer

A number of industrialized countries of Europe have taken out a patent for the construction of telephone exchanges and users sets offered by Ivan Pulyuy, namely the distribution transformer usage. With the participation of our compatriot a series of electric power stations with constant rate launched in Dual state as well as the first in Europe with alternating rate.



Rudnytsky Stepan Lvovych


Geographer, cartographer

Stepan Rudnytsky by right considered being the founder of the Ukrainian political geography. His conception Rudnytsky set out in such works as Ukraine from the political and geographical standpoint (1916), Ukraine and the Great Powers (1920), The Ukrainian issue from the political geography point of view (1923). Until now these works of S.L. Rudnytsky have, probably the best in the modern Ukrainian political science, topical meaning for the state of the Ukrainian people, the formation of its national identity, realization its role and position in the All-European process of democratic renovation.





Sikorsky Ihor Ivanovych


Aircraft designer and entrepreneur

Among numerous technical innovations of I.I. Sikorsky it is necessary to mention at least three most outstanding of his achievements each of them could make his name immortal. That is a decisive contribution to the creation of the Russian aircraft industry and the first in the world aircraft-giants in WW I, building of the first intercontinental air liners, organization of the serial helicopter engineering.





Skovoroda Hryhoriy Savych


Enlightener-humanist, philosopher, poet, translator

In the XIII century the life of the Ukrainian philosopher and poet Hryhoriy Skovoroda was a vivid ray in general atmosphere of a weak spirit of the Ukrainian nation. In the period of almost total disruption of a former greatness appeared a person that embodied the best characteristics of our nation: spirit steadfastness, love of freedom, wisdom, selfless devotion. Peoples genius, personified in the itenerant philosopher-teacher, wakened the collective intellect and inspired it to the aspiration and consolidation in the spirit.





Strazhesko Mykola Dmytrovych



Mykola Strazhesko the author of above 100 scientific works dedicated to various problems of clinic and treatment of internal diseases.

The basic scientific works dedicated to the problems of clinical and theoretical medicine. Studied the physiology and pathology of digestion, circulation of blood, pathophysiology, cardiac infarction, persistent infection, allergy. Discovered a series of the disease symptoms of digestive apparatus and circulation of blood. Introduced into practice new means of the patient examination. For the first time in the world diagnosed in one's lifetime heart vessel thrombosis. Worked out a classification of blood circulation insufficiency taking into account biochemical abnormality. Established one of the leading therapeutic school.





Sukhomlynsky Vasyl Oleksandrovych


Teacher, publicist, writer

Sukhomlynsky spared no efforts to raise the level of a rural school to the level of the best in that time USSR educational institutions to make it a real laboratory of leading pedagogical thought and summarize acquired experience in full measure.





Tymoshenko Stepan Prokopovych


Scientist in the sphere of mechanics

Stepan Tymoshenko derived a transcendental equation for the calculation of the compression force critical value. Having investigated different cases of plate bulge the scientist charted tables due to which one could calculate the value of buckling load for different proportions between the plate width and its thickness. This work had a fundamental importance in flexing resistance and had been used in aviation and shipbuilding.





Tutkovsky Pavlo Apollonovych


Geologist, geographer

P.A. Tutkovsky is a founder of quaternary geology in Ukraine. In the second half of the past century overburden had not been sufficiently investigated. In the North of Volyn he managed to establish many facts for the characteristics of preglacial, ice-borne, post-glacial sediments and forest zones. It was fundamental for a series of hypothesis and theoretical study concerning characteristics of the quaternary period in Ukraine and Europe.





Fedorov Ivan


Founder of the typography in Ukraine

The printing-house established in 1572-1573 in Lviv by Ivan Fedorov started steady Ukrainian printing. The fact on Ivan Fedorovs primacy as a Ukrainian first printer is under discussion even nowadays. Epitaph testifies that he had revived the abandoned work but his role in that time cultural life cannot be overestimated.





Filatov Volodymyr Petrovych


Ophthalmologist, surgeon

Main scientific works of Filatov dedicated to the problems of ophthalmology and the study of biogenic stimulators. He offered a new original method of restorative surgery plastics on round cutaneous stalk (1917).

Scientifically proved and practically worked out the operation of cornea transplantation (1924).

Trained to perfection the operation technique of fractional perforating keratoplasty. For the first time used for transplantation the cornea of cadavers (1931).

The author of the biogenic stimulators theory that has become the bases of tissue therapy method during many diseases of human beings and animals. Created an ophthalmologist school.





Khvoyka Vikentiy Vyacheslavovych



Since 1876 worked in Kyiv: taught in gymnasia, was one of the founders of the Local Museum of antiquities and arts (nowadays National Museum of the Ukrainian history and National Arts Museum). In 1893-1903 investigated Kyrylivska site, in 1894 excavated in Kyiv on the Zamkova mountain (between Podol and Kozhumyaky). In 1896 in the street of Kyrylivska discovered the first settlements of Trypillya culture (4-3 centuries B.C.).

He discovered the most fundamental historical cultures of Ukraine Trypillya, Zarubynetska and Chernyakhivska; as well as palaeolith signs in Kyiv, Pasterske site of skoloty, settlement of Kyivan Rus.





Kholodny Mykola Hryhorovych


Botanist and microbiologist

Outstanding Ukrainian microbiologist Mykola Kholodny made an important contribution to the investigation methods of microbial population of soils and waters, development of the ecological direction in microbiology. He is the author of original conceptions on organic matters origin on the Earth by abiogenous means. He enriched many branches of new biology by interesting ideas and experimental material. M.H. Kholodny and V.I. Vernadsky drew up a project on air vitamin investigation.





Chyzhevsky Dmytro Ivanovych


Scientist-encyclopaedist, specialist in the philology of the Slavs, philosopher, literary critic, specialist in religion, linguist.

Due to his works on philosophy and literary criticism D. Chyzhevsky gained prestige in the sphere of science. He published above 900 works on Slavonic studies. His first works were dedicated to the history of philosophy predominantly of Slavonic countries.





Chubynsky Pavlo Platonovych


Ethnographer, specialist in folklore, poet

The poem Ukraine is still alive made his name immortal forever. As an ethnographer and specialist in folklore Pavlo Chubynsky made an important contribution to the documents preservation of the Ukrainian culture and originality. He kept a record of about four thousand ceremony songs, three hundred fairy tales, many proverbs, customs, legends and signalment. Using the books of district and provincial courts of justice he selected thousands cases, incidents and findings that would illustrate distinctive features of relationship between people, display signs of old traditions, legends, custom law, pre-Christian beliefs of the Ukrainians and their integral combination with old Ukrainian, pre-Christian and Christian cultures.





Yavornytsky Dmytro Ivanovych


Historian, archaeologist, ethnographer, specialist in folklore, writer

Having thoroughly studied the life of the Ukrainian people Yavornytsky showed vivid interest in folk art especially in embroidery and Easter egg coloring. He also studied the tradition to decorate houses with pattern and qualified this tradition as a folk art worthy of studying. Yavornytsky is considered being the first one who discovered and investigated Petrykivsky decorative painting nowadays known all over the world. In 1905 due to Yavornytsky the patterns of this art had been delivered through the archaeologist and ethnographer Fedir Vovk to the collection of the Ukrainian subdivision of the Russian Museum ethnographical department in Petersburg.





Yanhel Mykhaylo Kuzmych


Scientist-engineer, constructer in the sphere of rocket-space technology

Mykhaylo Yanhel designed several categories and generations of strategic rockets namely single- and two-stage rockets with high-boiling propellant components and autonomous control system of the first generation, two-stage rockets of above 11 thousand km range ability and complex resolution of combat missions, liquid rocket capable to be filled up more than five years as well as solid-rockets with high technical and tactical characteristics.




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