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Famous people of culture and art

Famous people of culture and art




Bilokur Kateryna Vasylivna


Master of folk decorative painting

Amateur and folk arts of Bilokur Kateryna is the best of properties of the Ukrainian culture of the XXth century, her works have become a subject of study and investigation. In Yahotynsky museum of local lore and history two expositions of her pictorial and graphic heritage are represented, and in the State museum of Ukrainian folk decorative arts in Kyiv there is a bilokurivsky room with her best creative works. In 1954 during the exhibition in Paris Pablo Picasso was delighted with her mastery: If we had such a painter she would be famous all over the world...





Boychuk Mykhaylo Lvovych



Name of Mykhaylo Boychuk is related to the appearance of creative organization of monumental painters known as boychukisty. Just owning to boychukisty Ukraine has been recognized by the world culture in the 20-30s, numerous exhibitions with the participation of Mykhaylo Boychuks progenies, a great number of publications dedicated to the phenomenon of boychukism as an art testified it.





Bortnyansky Dmytro Stepanovych


Composer and conductor

Bortnyansky was the first composer in Russian Empire whose musical compositions had been typed. Due to Bortnyansky the Petersburg courtier choir achieved a high level. Under his direction of the choir Bortnyansky had written many instrumental compositions, operas to the French libretto Falcon (1786), Rival son (1787), pastoral comedy Signiors holiday (1786) and others.





Vasylkivsky Serhiy Ivanovych



Serhiy Vasylkivsky contributed to the formation of the historical situation and lyric and epic trend in the national paiting by his creative activity, the creative work direction of many generations of the Ukrainian painters had been determined owning to this trend.





Veresay Ostap Mykytovych



Ostap Veresay stimulated sympathies concerning Ukrainian hetmanate by his songs and typical appearance. Moreover, a French professor Lui Legge being under the influence of Veresays songs started actively to advocate the Ukrainian culture in France even gave courses of the Ukrainian language.





Volodymyr Horovyts



World-famous pianist. Born in Kyiv in the family of employer engineer, grandson of Jewish philanthropist. A student of the Kyivan conservatoire, since students times became famous as a brilliant musician, toured on repeated occasions. Went to high school 7. In 1925 emigrated since 1928 lived in the USA. Up to his deep old age remained a virtuoso being compared with F.List. At the present time international competitions of young pianists named after V. Horovyts regularly take place in Kyiv.





Horska Alla


Painter, public figure

Alla Horska after graduating from Kyiv state arts institute at the beginning of the 60s joined to the process of national renaissance, which involved young generations of creative intellectuals of Kyiv by the beginning of the 1960s. In 1962 she was one of the organizers of the famous Creative Youth Club. Talented painter and very charming personality she became a leader of this movement. But her activity didnt remain unnoticed: in 1970 mutilated body of Anna Horska had been found. Her assassination had never been detected officially.





Dovzhenko Oleksandr Petrovych


Writer, film director

Devoted and lavish love to his land, fatherland, his nation, kind, perceptible, wise attitude to living those reference points, that give us the right answer, explaining eternal magic of Dovzhenkos creation.





Zanjkovetska Mariya Kostyantynivna


Actress, public figure

Creative activity of Zanjkovetska was of great importance for national dramatic art formation and development, establishment of stage technique school for next generations of the Ukrainian artists. After the revolution Zanjkovetska took an active part in the establishment of new Ukrainian theater. She headed the National theater in Nizhyn. Together with Saksahansky she organized the National theater in Kyiv on basis of which in 1922 the Theater named after Zanjkovetska was founded (nowadays Lvivsky Ukrainian theater of drama named after M.Zanjkovetska). For the first time in Ukraine she was honoured as National artrist of the Republic.





Ivasyuk Volodymyr

(03.03.1949 18.05.1979)

Poet, composer

The work activity of Volodymyr Ivasyuk is remarkable by the fact that all his songs considered to be hitting and still touching upon the heart. People liked to sing his songs not only in Ukraine but also in the Soviet Union. He is the author of everlasting, tuneful Chervona Ruta.





Karpenko-Karyy Ivan Karpovych


Dramatist, actor, director, theater figure

Working on the stage since 1889 and up to the end of his life as a professional actor Ivan Karpovych Tobilevych (Karpenko-Karyy) created a number of unique scenic images which are considered to be real treasure of established by him realistic-everyday theater and starting conditions of modern theater formation. His theater palette had a wide range from vivid comedy (Martyn Borulya, Tereshko Surma, Prokip Shkurat) to heroic and romantic images (Nazar Stodolya). Phylosophic comprehension and generalization of life was characteristic to Tobilevich-actor according to the words of his contemporaries. He approached the tops of simplicity and honesty relying on psychological depth, ingenuousness and sincerity of performance. Every his personage was penetrated by unique Ukrainian spirit.





Kozlovsky Ivan Semenovych


Singer (tenor)

I.S.Kozlovsky is a great representative of the native vocal school. His voice was of mellow timbre and wide range. Emotionality, ease and affection of sound, skill of scenic impersonation was peculiar to him.





Krychevsky Fedir Hryhorovych



Fedir Krychevsky made an important contribution as a painter to the development of the Ukrainian art. Many first-priority Ukrainian artists obliged to him their creative rise. His pupils were such famous Ukrainian artists as Serhiy Hryhoryev, Viktor Kostetsky, Hryhoriy Melikhov, Tetyana Yablonska, and Serhiy Otroshchenko. Fedir Krychevsky lived and created in two epoches, was influenced by various trends and directions but succeeded to create his own style in the art characterized by monumental and epic images.





Kropyvnytsky Marko Lukych


Playwright, actor, director, composer

M.L. Kropyvnytskys many-sided activity has educated generations of Ukrainian actors professionals, he was recognized a farther of the Ukrainian theater.

Theater critics compared performances of Kropyvnytskys troupe with performances of the German troupe Meininghentsi well-known all over the world that visited Russian Empire in the 70s of the XIX century.





Krusheljnytska Solomiya Amvrosijivna


Singer (lyric-dramatic soprano), teacher

Solomiya Krusheljnytska charmed all theatrical Europe by the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX century. After her great success during concert tours in the South Africa the actress sang in Bergamo native town of famous composer G.Rossini, where she was invited on celebrations dedicated to 100 birthday of great Rossini.





Leontovych Mykola Dmytrovych


Composer, chorus conductor, publicman, teacher

The ground of musical heritage of Leontovych constitutes chorus miniatures adaptation of Ukrainian songs that are considered to be splendid hitherto and still performed by all Ukrainian choruses in Ukraine and in diaspora as well. Among them Shchedryk, Kozaka nesutj, Dudaryk, Iz-za hory snizhok letytj, Zhenchychok-brenchychok, Hayu, hayu zelen rozmayu and many others. On the basis of Ukrainian national melodies Leontovych created original, distinctive chorus compositions, having interpreted them in detail and giving them a new sound.





Lysenko Mykola Vitalijovych


Composer, pianist, teacher, chorus conducter, public figure

Mykola Vitaliyovych Lysenko is a founder of the national musical and creative school. His contribution into the Ukrainian musical culture is really invaluable. For the first time he tried to sum up the great period of native music development on the ground of deep and detailed analysis of national life and creation.





Murashko Oleksandr Oleksandrovych


Painter, teacher, public figure

One of the most prominent Ukrainian painters by the end of the XIX the beginning of the XX century.

The idea of his creative activity developed in the course of general development of the Ukrainian culture that after centuries of cultural slavery aspired to revive old traditions mainly the Ukrainian painting schools. Murashko took an active part owing to his creative activity and educational work in the national restoration of the Ukrainian State.





Narbut Hryhorij Ivanovych


Graphic artist

Creative work of Heorhij Narbut is a bright page in the Ukrainian art. He is one of the greatest graphic artists of the present. He initiated his independent creative work under the influence of painters of the famous by the beginning of the century Russian Union World of Art members of which were O.Benua, M.Dobuzhynsky, M.Rerikh, O.Ostroumova-Lebedeva, I.Bilibin and others, Narbut had been educated by original master that created a school of his followers in the sphere of book art.





Pryjmachenko Mariya



The greatest master of the Ukrainian fine arts of the middle of the XX century. The works of Mariya Pryjmachenko reflect peoples old legends and fantasy conceptions; raise the deepest layers of the national culture. Now and then images of Pryjmachenko described in the works of professional painters and graphic artists, engraved in mosaic, interpreted in folk art, inspired musicians and poets.

It is quite difficult to mention all the capitals of Europe, Asia, Africa where her pictures had been exhibited and absolutely impossible to count up museums and private collections, which own invaluable works of M.Pryjmachenko.





Revutsky Lev Mykolayovych


Composer, teacher, public man

Lev Mykolayovych Revutsky went down in history as a prominent composer, teacher, scientist, musical and public man. In each of these walks of life he takes his unique and noticeable place. Creative heritage of L.M.Revutsky had become a worthy continuation of the great work of his famous predecessors such as Lysenko, Stetsenko, Leontovych, Stepovyj.





Solovyanenko Anatoliy Borysovych


Singer (tenor)

Famous Azerbaijan singer Rashyd Bejbut, being delighted with the manner of singing of Solovyanenko wrote: In the concert sang Anatolij Solovyanenko with a resonant voice, whose surname corresponds to his singing.

Anatoliy Solovyanenko is fairly considered to be the voice of Ukraine.





Stupka Bohdan

(27. 08. 1941)


National artist of Ukraine, National artist of the USSR, the National Prize laureate of Ukraine named after Taras Shevcheko, the State Prize laureate of the USSR, the Internatinal Prize laureate named after K.S.Stanislavsky (Russia), Independent critics Prize laureate Crystal Turandot (Moscow), Knight For merits II Degree, member of the Academy, founder of the Academy of arts of Ukraine.





Uzhviy Nataliya Mykhaylivna



Even unfavorable roles had been brightened up by Nataliya Mykolaylivnas talent and heart, performed in unique interpretation and perceived in a new way. Many generations of talented artists were influenced and inspired by the actress.





Yablonska Tetyana Nylivna


Painter, professor

During her long creative life the famous painter born in 1917, organized above 30 exhibitions in Kyiv, Moscow, London, Budapest etc. Tetyana Yablonska is honoured with the National Painter Prize of the USSR and Ukraine, the State Prize laureate of the USSR and the Natioanl Prize laureate of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko. Her works are kept in Tretjyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the National Arts Museum of Ukraine and in private collections.




 Yaremchuk Nazariy

(30.11.1951 30.06.1995)

Nazariy Yaremchuk voice and heart of the Ukrainian song.

Nazariy Yaremchuk unfortunately lived a short life but had become a legend of the native art. People still remember Yaremchuk, born fifty years ago and revere his memory. The Ukrainian musical fame and hits, which outlived their creator, inseparably linked with his name.




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