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Ukrainian Ambassador to UK Igor Mityukov says Britain is ready to acknowledge Ukraine as market economy nation
03.04.2003 | 16:44

Igor Mityukov, Ukraine's Ambassador to Britain, said Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych's visit to London was meant, among other objectives, for promoting Ukraine's accedence to the WTO.

As far as those five critical remarks which the EuroCommission aired in Brussels are concerned, these are but too known to everybody, insignificant and virtually done away with. As Mr Mityukov said, he sees no obstacles to resume Ukraine's relations with the FATF.

According to Igor Mityukov, Britain has intimated its positive stand on recognizing Ukraine as a nation with a market economy.

As he said, the Ukrainian Prime Minister's talks with British Deputy Premier John Prescott are supposed to deal with British investments in the Ukrainian economy.

In view of differences between Ukraine's structure of executive authority and that of Britain, John Prescott may be regarded as Britain's official number two.

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