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20.04.2017 | 16:50
Volodymyr Groysman: Five key objectives set forth by the Government will ensure economic growth and enable to reinvest achievements in human capital development
20.04.2017 | 12:10
Vice Prime Minister: We provided funding for projects in the framework of investment program of the European Investment Bank
19.04.2017 | 20:35
The next three years can become years of economic breakthrough for Ukraine, says Volodymyr Groysman
19.04.2017 | 12:41
PM advocates developing of sustainable solid waste management plan in each region to prevent ecological problems in the country
16.04.2017 | 15:52
Stepan Kubiv with his deputies met with members of the European Business Association
14.04.2017 | 11:59
Space industry requires bold decisions in order to reach a higher level of development, assures PM
14.04.2017 | 11:40
Head of Government admits the possibility to double defence spending
14.04.2017 | 10:42
Prime Minister calls for political flags to be set aside
13.04.2017 | 16:11
Prime Minister urges Ukrainians to seize the opportunity of Government's program of free medicine
13.04.2017 | 14:40
Our initiative will work for the benefits of Ukrainian retirees, PM speaking about pension reform
12.04.2017 | 18:16
Prime Minister turned to MPs - We are committed to prolong collaboration
12.04.2017 | 16:18
Government's bill on pension reform doesn't envisage a raise of retirement age, stipulates updating of pensions for 9 million of citizens, will allow the country to abolish taxation. Gov't possesses necessary resources to implement reform, says Volodymyr Groysman
12.04.2017 | 11:54
PM urges local authorities to attach great responsibility and importance to activities on repair and construction of roads
11.04.2017 | 21:13
PM at the meeting with Foreign Ministers of Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary: Gov't demonstrates a substantial progress concerning combatting and preventing corruption
11.04.2017 | 14:17
Government will abolish the taxation of pensions this year, says Volodymyr Groysman
11.04.2017 | 12:57
PM: We count on prompt adoption of bills designed to launch a large-scale privatization, Odessa Portside Plant to be sold with a new leadership of SPFU
11.04.2017 | 12:32
PM about land reform: We want to support a farming sector and will not back the idea to transfer resources to foreigners and large agricultural holdings
07.04.2017 | 18:49
Elaboration of legislation aimed to support technoparks and development of domestic production shall become a core objective of National Committee for the revival of the industry, assures PM
07.04.2017 | 15:22
The launch of single electronic register of VAT refund is aimed to eradicate corruption in this sector, says Prime Minister
07.04.2017 | 14:58
Volodymyr Groysman: Gov't is fully devoted to support a "warm loans" program as well as to allocate funding to ensure the implementation of this initiative
07.04.2017 | 11:10
Government will shortly introduce a proposal to trigger a large-scale privatization and urges Parliament to support it, says Prime Minister
07.04.2017 | 10:45
Government's draft law on the pension reform doesn't envisage a raise of the retirement age, Prime Minister said addressing MPs
05.04.2017 | 17:44
Volodymyr Groysman: Decentralization resulted into increased local budgets and improved quality of administrative services in regions
05.04.2017 | 13:55
Volodymyr Groysman commissions to elaborate government recommendations to ensure an access for persons with disabilities to objects of social and transport infrastructure
05.04.2017 | 12:18
Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman calls on MPs to hold a statist position as well as to support five key reforms offered by the Government to ensure the economic growth
04.04.2017 | 14:22
I will shortly present a reform and figures, and call on the Parliament to support our decisions, Prime Minister about pension reform
03.04.2017 | 10:54
Volodymyr Groysman: A single electronic register of VAT refund designed to protect interests of the state and business has been launched
31.03.2017 | 17:22
Volodymyr Kistion called on MPs to adopt a draft law On the Electricity Market next week
31.03.2017 | 12:00
In case of approval by Parliament of pension reform, retirement payments to be raised starting October 1
31.03.2017 | 11:03
Prime Minister: I will struggle to protect interests of territorial communities, despite all the attempts of populists to slow down the process of decentralization