Ukraine - EU. Vice Premier Oleh Rybachuk presents Road Map for Ukraine - EU 2005 Action Plan
06.05.2005 | 17:27

As early as 2007 Ukraine may raise the issue of making clear its Eurointegration prospects, including the nation's accedence to the European Union, Vice Premier Oleh Rybachuk told mediapeople in Kyiv during presentation of the Road Map to supplement the Ukraine - EU Action Plan for 2005.

According to Oleh Rybachuk, the Road Map is a very detailed document, which specifies Ukraine's Eurointegration steps this year within the framework of the Ukraine - EU Action Plan, signed on February 21, 2005.

After the Action Plan was endorsed by the Cabinet of ministers and was presented in Brussels to the EU party the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, for economics and the Justice Ministry started implementing the document's provisions, the Vice Premier told the journalists.

In drafting the Road Map, Oleh Rybachuk noted, Ukrainian experts proceeded from two chief principles, which are the steps' feasibility and adequate financial support the part of both Ukraine and the EU.

The Road Map's steps, Oleh Rybachuk wet on, specify six major areas of cooperation, same as the 2005 Action Plan.

In particular, these provide for political, social cooperation, collaboration in the energy sector and justice.

Ukraine's key objectives remain the same, that is, being granted the market economy nation status.

As Mr Rybachuk reassured the journalists, after Ukraine's successful consultations with the European Commission on April 14 and 15 Ukraine's chances look brisk for gaining the status during the June session of the Ukraine - EU Cooperation Council.

Ukraine's accedence to the World Trade Organisation is the country's another major objective, Oleh Rybachuk said.

According to the Vice Premier, by June 2005 Ukraine expects to sign the remainder of bipartite protocols on mutual access to markets of commodities and services.

After Ukraine joins the WTO the issue will be raised of creating a Ukraine - EU free trade zone, Mr Rybachuk said.

As the Road Map devotes great attention to liberalizing the visa regime it could not be altogether ruled out that as early as May 2005 the European Commission will get the mandate for starting relevant talks with Ukraine, the results of which may be endorsed in October, during the Ukraine - EU Summit.

According to Mr Rybachuk, the visa regime's liberalization will cover simplified visa issuance procedures for Ukrainian students, journalists, artists, entrepreneurs and nullification of visas for certain categories of Ukrainian citizens, particularly, diplomats.

The Road Map also provides for holding an important conference of the donor-nations in London, UK on May 11, at which Ukraine hopes to muster additional 300 M. USD to replenish the Chornobyl Shelter Fund, Oleh Rybachuk disclosed.

He pointed to the World Bank's June meeting as another important international event as expected to make a decision on allotting Ukraine a 700 M. USD grant.


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