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Volodymyr Groysman: Cabinet of Ministers is elaborating a strategy of operating of Ukrainian mines and planning to consider it at the next Government meeting
12:28 (24.03.2017)
Prime Minister expects the establishment of Financial Investigations Service to be finalized in the coming months
11:54 (24.03.2017)
Prime Minister assures tobacco tax to remain as revenues of local budgets
11:23 (24.03.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman about the reasons of the accident at a depot in Kharkiv region: Different theories that caused explosions from sabotage to negligence considered
16:55 (23.03.2017)
Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman arrived to Kharkiv region
12:44 (23.03.2017)
About 19,000 citizens evacuated from Balaklia and nearby villages
12:08 (23.03.2017)
As was reported earlier, Minister of Defense of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak during a briefing in Kyiv stressed there hadn’t been inflicted extensive damage to the country's defense capacity as a result of the accident at the military depot
Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman flew to Kharkiv region where occurred ammunition blasts
10:32 (23.03.2017)
Further economic growth will ensure the improvement of social standards and retirement payments, says Volodymyr Groysman
15:08 (22.03.2017)
Prime Minister: Establishment of Financial Investigations Service is aimed to be the significant tool for creating favourable business environment in the country
13:42 (22.03.2017)
Prime Minister urged the public and experts to engage in building an effective system of fight against corruption
13:33 (22.03.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman demands to accelerate preparatory activities to launch road repairs and reconstruction
11:52 (22.03.2017)
Ukraine and Germany to have a joint business forum in Berlin in second half of 2017 - outcomes of a meeting between Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman and Chairman of the Board of the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations
19:58 (21.03.2017)
On the outcomes of the talks the sides agreed to hold a Ukrainian-German business forum in the second half of 2017 in Berlin
Volodymyr Groysman: Cutting-edge technologies will open up new opportunities for state-owned PrivatBank
15:35 (21.03.2017)
Prime Minister: Government counts on the support by non-coalition parliamentary factions of the pension reform
14:26 (21.03.2017)
Prime Minister: We've triggered the process of reduction of the Pension Fund deficit
23:21 (20.03.2017)
Our next challenge is to change the pension system, says Volodymyr Groysman
14:25 (20.03.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman: Energy blockade targets Ukraine's citizens and Ukraine
13:38 (20.03.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman: A decentralization reform yields results so we must prolong
12:50 (20.03.2017)
IMF postpones a meeting on tranche for Ukraine due to the need to assess macroeconomic indicators in 2017, says Volodymyr Groysman
22:43 (19.03.2017)
A decentralization reform is one of the most successful reforms opening up opportunities for improving quality of people's lives
19:57 (19.03.2017)
PM: Government has drafted orders to ensure the execution of the NSDC decision about suspending of cargo shipment across the line of demarcation and prolongs work over implementation of the measures
12:18 (17.03.2017)
Prime Minister: An IMF tranche Ukraine may obtain following a meeting of the Board of Directors on March 20 will demonstrate our performance in implementation of tasks as of March 2017
11:16 (17.03.2017)
Prime Minister called on Infrastructure Minister to ensure proper organization of road repair activities as there is sufficient resource for that
13:06 (16.03.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman assures energy blockade inflicted damage on Ukrainian economy just at the moment it demonstrated a growing trend
13:00 (16.03.2017)
Prime Minister: Effective preparation by the Government for the heating season enabled it to prevent rotating power cuts
12:54 (16.03.2017)
Prime Minister together with Business Ombudsman, Director of the Investment Support Office to meet on Friday with representatives of law enforcement bodies to find out ways to prevent pressure on business
10:59 (16.03.2017)
Odesa Customs realized a month's revenue target for 5 days, says Volodymyr Groysman
10:25 (16.03.2017)
Prime Minister: Ukraine and Turkey have a great potential for cooperation in a range of sectors from mineral resources to space
17:20 (15.03.2017)
Statement of Gov't members on the latest developments around blocking the movement of goods across the line of demarcation
13:59 (15.03.2017)
Prime Minister discussed with the leadership of SAHA Istanbul Defense and Aerospace Cluster Association the prospects of implementation of joint projects
11:15 (15.03.2017)