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State supervision should be aimed at ensuring human security but not bullying of business, assures PM
14:29 (11.12.2017)
Prime Minister: Next year Government's core objective to increase average wage up to UAH 10,000
12:25 (11.12.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman assures in 2018 Gov't to focus on improvement of road safety
12:21 (11.12.2017)
EU illustrates willingness to support Energy Efficiency Fund, claims Prime Minister
11:53 (11.12.2017)
Cooperation in energy sector is among the priorities in relations between Ukraine and the EU, Prime Minister during negotiations with Vice-President of the European Commission for Energy Union
17:17 (08.12.2017)
The Head of Government stressed that the current year had been a breakthrough as a strategic vision of the development of domestic energy sector had been elaborated
By acting together, we can make right decisions and achieve concrete results - a meeting of Volodymyr Groysman and Federica Mogherini
16:15 (08.12.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman in Brussels: Successful Ukraine will become an investment in the successful future of the whole Europe
13:55 (08.12.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman emphasized that Kyiv and Brussels take stock of the current year in bilateral relations which appeared rather effective: this year the Association Agreement has finally entered into force, and the visa-free regime for the citizens of Ukraine has been introduced
Ukraine joins the Danube Transnational Programme development and launches a joint with the EU initiative EU Support for the East of Ukraine
13:08 (08.12.2017)
Parliament approved State budget-2018 with revenues set at UAH 1.2 trillion and 3% economic growth
23:36 (07.12.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman pledges kindergarten issue be included in the priorities list of projects financed from SRDF while queues to preschools be withdrawn from agenda by 2020
11:53 (06.12.2017)
The draft State Budget for 2018 provides for the allocation of UAH 6 billion for the State Regional Development Fund to solve this problem
Head of Government expects draft state budget to be endorsed tomorrow
11:36 (06.12.2017)
Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
09:00 (06.12.2017)
Ukraine and China implement a series of joint projects to the tune of USD 7 billion - a meeting of Prime Minister of Ukraine and Vice-Premier of the State Council of PRC
15:47 (05.12.2017)
Ukraine has every opportunity to achieve energy independence and reduction in gas prices within the country, claims Prime Minister
12:34 (05.12.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman pledges the Gov't main goal to cross average wage threshold UAH 10,000
00:11 (05.12.2017)
PM calls on local leaders to give a sharper focus on economy on the ground
21:19 (04.12.2017)
Government agreed with the US giant GE Transportation on a major upgrade of the Ukrzaliznytsia rolling stock
17:16 (04.12.2017)
Relevant arrangements were reached during the meeting of the company management with Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman
Volodymyr Groysman proposes to eliminate duplication of functions between local councils and administrations and update normative base for administrative-territorial system
12:33 (04.12.2017)
Prime Minister initiates signing of a Memorandum on further realization of the decentralization reform
11:46 (04.12.2017)
2018 State Budget is basing on economy growth - Volodymyr Groysman presented key indicators of the adjusted draft
17:33 (01.12.2017)
Head of Government vows next year will become a breakthrough in achieving economic boost and changing the governance model
14:07 (01.12.2017)
Public trust is an integral part of profound transformations, claims Prime Minister
13:11 (01.12.2017)
Address by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman on the anniversary of the All-Ukrainian referendum on the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine
09:02 (01.12.2017)
Volodymyr Groysman assures support for innovations to enable change of a model of economy
11:56 (29.11.2017)
Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced during the International Mayors' Summit dedicated to municipal innovation development
Head of Government initiates changes to antimonopoly legislation in order to eliminate existing corruption threats in the work of AMCU
11:36 (29.11.2017)
PM at the International Mayors Summit: All transformations in Ukraine are aimed at making the quality of life better for people
11:11 (29.11.2017)
Ukraine and Moldova coordinated further actions within the scope of the Roadmap for Cooperation - a meeting of Heads of Government of two States
11:05 (28.11.2017)
PM at Tbilisi Belt&Road Forum: We are keenly interested in large-scale cooperation in order to boost Ukraine's transport capabilities and deepen logistics relations with other states
09:18 (28.11.2017)
Ukraine and Georgia should use international platforms to protect common interests and counteract Russian aggression, says Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia at a meeting with Prime Minister of Ukraine
15:33 (27.11.2017)
Ukraine and Georgia stand united in the issues of territorial integrity and condemnation of aggression - a meeting of Ukraine's Prime Minister with the President of Georgia
14:38 (27.11.2017)