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Kyiv-based AVIANT completing assembling first AN-148 for Kazakh company
31.08.2006 | 14:37 | Ukrinform
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The Kyiv-based aircraft making works AVIANT is completing assembling the first AN-148-100 plane under a contract with the Kazakh company SCAT.

According to AVIANT sources, the plane's fore and middle parts were assembled at the AVIANT, whereas the plane's tail section was made at the Voronezh (Russia) aviation production association (VASO).

The Kharkiv State-Owned Aviation Production Enterprise (KSAPE) has shipped the plane's central part to the AVIANT.

Under the contract with the SCAT the AVIANT will ship seven AN-148-100 aircraft to the Kazakh customer. The first two planes will be shipped in 2007, and the remainder will be delivered to Kazakhstan in 2008. Besides, the Kazakh company Berkut ("Mountain Eagle") has bought one AN-148. The plane will be shipped to the customer in late 2006 after certification trials.

Also, in September trials of an AN-32B plane will start, the first aircraft of those five AN-32B planes, which the AVIANT is making under its contract with the UAE.


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