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Prime Minister of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych delivers speech at the Verkhovna Rada session
03.04.2007 | 10:30
Press office of CMU

Dear Oleksandr Oleksandrovych!

Dear compatriots!

Dear peoples deputies and colleagues!


The newest history of independent Ukraine saw many democratic events observed with a sinking heart by millions of our compatriots and world community.

The society more than once faced a situation when fate of the people and next generations, historical choice of the way for our development depended on the politicians decisions, when Hamlet to be or not to be Ukraine a sovereign European state had to be solved.

It was not an easy trial. Nevertheless, the participants of democratic process every time succeeded to achieve understanding when it was necessary to make together only right decision realizing personal responsibility for maintaining public peace and democracy.

I repeat: we acted that way facing even more difficult situations as compared with 2 April 2007.

Why should we witness today encroachment upon the constitutional system, when the state seemed to pass the most difficult tests and overcome long-running social-economic crisis?

The history will give an answer to this question, I am sure, a verdict will be heavy.

Trying to dissolve the Parliament is reasoned by deliberate continuation of a rather dangerous experiment which, unfortunately, has not been ended since holding fair and democratic parliamentary elections in 2006.

Taking into consideration the events of 2 April 2007, we are compelled to state that a pitiful Decree of the President on the Parliaments dissolution aims at power usurpation.

The matter concerns actual dissolution of the legitimate democratically elected Parliament, after all.

Forcible and open speculative character of this decision proves that it is the part of scenario components of which could imply the following steps:

- creating factitious conditions for permanent parliamentary elections aimed to discredit parliamentarism as such;

- working through a mechanism to guarantee power retention for some individuals regardless of any results of the elections;

- revising the Constitution with the purpose to restore autocratic presidential power.

I repeat, we have already passed it in our newest history.

But for the first time during Ukraines independence a guarantor of the Constitution ventured upon a step which could have disastrous effects both for the state and society.

Yesterday, the Cabinet convened extraordinary deliberations. Regardless of some Ministers who wanted to hold it closed we worked openly and transparently in the presence of mass media.

The society had a chance to make sure that the executive power operates confidently and calmly, as it befits it, relying upon the Constitution.

I want, accepting full responsibility, to assure peoples deputies that neither adventurers representing the so called democratic opposition nor the President being under furious pressure will unsettle our work aiming at carrying out deep reforms.

Tranquility and confidence of the Government are based on our force - mandate of confidence given by the coalition and voters.

And we will keep on implementing our program because the convincing positive results achieved in a short space of time of our Governments activity prove: we are heading toward the right direction.

We cant and have no right again to lose results worked.

Ukraine will not bear upheavals if we accept an ultimatum of irresponsible politicians specialized not in creation but in devastation.

How dare they convince people that after Parliaments dissolution their life will not become worse and positive social-economic processes not be impeded?!

It is my obligation to say our citizens that in case of the oppositions scenario realization the state will be backward again not even one year.

People should know that their living standard will become worse if an anti-constitutional decision is not canceled.

It is conditioned by the objective processes and no words concerning resumption of usual course of life after elections does not represent the facts. We are convinced of it.

Already today we see reaction of the business world to Presidential Decree. It is a natural reaction to political instability.

The only way to prevent loss of confidence from the potential investors is to turn the situation to constitutional course.

Addressing the Ukrainian people as Prime Minister I assure our citizens that Government will serve as an example of responsibility for nations fate and its future.

Well keep on fulfilling our duties in spite of the fact that the oppositions gambles suppose the Government to be paralyzed. We know their plans perfectly well.

I must disappoint them: your expectations are vain.

There will be no destabilization and chaos.

I am confident we will overcome crisis with honor and become stronger.


Dear voters!

Dear Oleksandr Oleksandrovych!

Dear deputies!


If every year you ask people of any country, even the most successful or would they like to re-elect the Parliament, they would answer in the affirmative.

Need for changes are natural for every society.

But the constitutions exist for this purpose to realize this aspiration within the limits of legislation and prevent irresponsible politicians from plunging Ukraine into chaos and civil confrontation.

Unfortunately, our state faces this insecurity.

The only way to prevent it and rectify fatal mistake of the President to wait until the Constitutional Courts decision on conformity of his Decree with the Constitution.

Until the Constitutional Court makes such decision, the Verkhovna Rada, Government shall work as usual and no obstacles should be put.

The Action Program of the Government in the current political situation is stated in the Government Resolution endorsed on 3 April, 2007.

I want the peoples deputies and all citizens of Ukraine know: the situation is under control.

Well do our best to prevent consequences of irresponsible decision on the Parliaments dissolution from deterioration of social-economic situation and social development in the country.

At the same time I want to address the President once again: there is a chance to avoid the worst.

We must sit at the negotiating table and talk for the sake of Ukraines future.

Consider a weight of your responsibility if you refuse a constructive dialogue with legitimate power.

All of us realize that our political fate is in the peoples hands. But you also must remember, nobody comes to power forever.

Including the President, in particular, if he fails to be a uniting kernel at the time of difficulties.

Viktor Andriyovych! Make this step towards Ukraine! You still have time.


Dear colleagues, compatriots!


During recent months the coalition and Government have really succeeded in social-economic sphere.

Intensive and purposeful work gave an opportunity to increase pension and wage, be optimistic about our future.

I assure that nobody will hamper elaboration of the program on the reforms which could lead Ukraine to new standard of living aligning our state with Europe.

The world community observes and shows sympathy for our plans. Today Ukraine is one of the most dynamic countries in the world.

But some political forces in Ukraine do not like these pretentious plans. They try to foil the process of gradual development at any price.

The worse the better that is their slogan, philosophy of their life.

I call the citizens of Ukraine to unite for protection of the Constitution, basic values of our society: freedom, democracy, supremacy of law as we have acted more than once during the most difficult events of our state.

Standing on this rostrum I state: national unity, parliamentary democracy and economic development or the welfare of the society will not be stopped!

Thank you for attention.



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