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United Nations Coordinator in Ukraine Francis O'donnell urges world nations to remember tragedy of Holocaust and stick to tolerance principles
27.09.2006 | 19:31

United Nations Coordinator in Ukraine Francis O'Donnell thanked President Viktor Yushchenko for his initiative to convene events at the high international level on occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Babyn Yar tragedy.

By way of speaking at the International Forum "Let My People Live!" in Kyiv on Wednesday, Mr O'Donnell paid attention of those present that manifestations of xenophobia and intolerance have not been yet rooted out in many countries. Today, he said, many people in the world suffer persecutions, cruel treatment for religious, national or other attributes. "We know that in some countries Jews are living with fear for their safety and freedom, Muslims are attacked. Many politicians in different countries gain victories in elections for their anti-migration rhetoric. These manifestations, intolerant treatment toward people and their daily humiliation must disturb us and incite to active actions," he said.

Francis O'Donnell said UN spares no effort to protect human rights in the world. In that context he urged leaders of state and international organizations to promote principles of tolerance in relationships among the nations and peoples.


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