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May 28, in framework of the International Transport Forum Ministers approved a joint Declaration on Transport, Trade and Tourism
29.05.2015 | 11:56
Press service of Infrastructure Ministry

On May 28, at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Ministers responsible for transport in the member countries of the organization approved a joint Declaration on transport, trade and tourism. With this document the Ministers reaffirmed their willingness to cooperate in order to respond effectively to the current challenges of the industry.

As noted in the Declaration, trade and tourism are important engines of economic growth and job creation. International trade represents 50.6% of global GDP and is expected to increase 350% by 2050. The share of international tourism has, on average, 21% of income from exports all global services.

Advances in transport infrastructure, technology, and regulation have facilitated the movement of goods and people, and enabled the growth of trade and tourism. New technology and digitalisation, in particular, have created tremendous opportunities for enhancing the capacity, efficiency and safety of transport infrastructure, offering better transport services for traders and tourists. Economic ties have enlarged in their scale and complexity.

This impact of transport on the effectiveness and process of development of trade and tourism areas has brought ministers responsible for transport from 56 countries together to sign the joint Declaration. In the document the parties expressed their readiness, using new technologies and constantly improving the management system, to shape together the transport policy, thus facilitating an effective development of world trade and global tourism.

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