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Introductory statement by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk at a Gov't session on September 3, 2014
03.09.2014 | 18:24
Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU

I welcome the representatives of the media, members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and representatives of the working group comprising leading Ukrainian experts - those people who actually, together with us, have been writing a simple and understandable recovery plan for Ukraine, I would like to demonstrate it to you.

On the one hand, it is not timely to discuss the reform plan, the plan of recovery for the country, what should be addressed in the economy, what has been achieved, what peaceful goals we have set in front of us, as every day turning on the TV, every day we hear information messages, especially after the trips to our ATO veterans, to our soldiers, when we talk to soldiers, the wounded, their families - it is hard to talk about reforms.

But the war will come to end. Peace always comes after war. The peace we should be fighting for; the peace we must attain through battle. It is timely for us now to think what to do in the country, when peace is established, when aggression stops. Hence, it is the plan to rebuild the country. This plan envisages both ending the aggression and restoring the state as a whole.

First of all, I would like to dispel any discussions about various kinds of reform plans, that are much needed for Ukraine. These have been offered by many, at least a number of them are talked about. And everyone says that we need a strategic plan, a new, different one, much better.

The position of the Government is to avoid reinventing the wheel, especially, to engage in reform populism. Here is the plan of reforming the country. It has been elaborated for seven years. It was signed by the President and the Prime Minister. This plan of reforming the country is the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. I dont think that someone can create another more comprehensive and informative document like that.

Therefore, in terms of strategic reforms, these policy reforms take 700 pages in the document, which was being elaborated throughout 7 years, signed by Ukraine and the European Union and which should be instantly ratified.

As for the tactical steps, that are urgent, vital and necessary for the country, and in order to stabilize the situation - I emphasize, not just to ensure resuming the economic growth, to improve, but to stabilize the situation.

We have set several goals, short term and urgent objectives for the state.

The first goal is to stop the Russian military aggression and to restore the sovereignty of Ukraine.

The second is to implement this prominent Agreement with the European Union and to introduce a visa free regime between Ukraine and the European Union.

The third is our soldiers, our military officers and our participants of the anti-terrorist operation. After the war - rehabilitation and assistance to the participants of the ATO and the rebuilding of Donbas, that will need billions of dollars and years to come.

The next direction is decentralization of power. One of our top priorities is a new taxation system. Our goal within the country is to strike a blow on corruption and winning the victory over corruption.

And finally - to overcome the winter. Just to pass the winter through with gas, electricity, food, heating, water.

These are simple and clear objectives the current Government has set.


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