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Mykola Azarov resigns from the position of the Prime Minister of Ukraine
28.01.2014 | 10:10
Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU

Today, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has made a statement:

The conflict situation which has arisen in the state is threatening economic and social development of Ukraine, constitutes a threat for the whole Ukrainian society and every citizen of it.

During the standoff the Government has done everything for a peaceful solution of the conflict. We have been doing and we are still doing everything not to let bloodshed occur, to prevent the violence escalating, not to have human rights violated. The Government has made sure that the economy and social security function under extreme conditions.

Though the severity and danger which the conflict creates for our citizens require additional responsible measures.

With the aim of creating extra means for finding a social-political compromise, for the sake of a peaceful settlement of the conflict, I took my personal decision to ask the President of Ukraine to accept my resignation from the position of the Prime minister of Ukraine.

Throughout all these years I have been doing everything for Ukraine to be able to normally develop as a democratic European country. I have made decisions and taken upon myself responsibility in the interest of Ukraine. And this is why I can be looking honestly into the eyes of every citizen of our state, into the eyes of every compatriot.

I am grateful for the trust of the President of Ukraine. I am grateful to all the Members of Parliament who have been supporting throughout all these years the overcomplicated work of the Government aimed at Ukraines modernization and reformation.

I am grateful to all the citizens of Ukraine who have been supporting the Government and me personally, who believed and still believe in the correctness of the political course which we have been conducting.

The most important today is to preserve the unity and integrity of Ukraine. That is much more important than anybodys personal plans and ambitions.

This is the reason why I have taken this decision.




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