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Mykola Azarov: The state to increase purchases in Zaporozhye Transformer Plant
02.08.2012 | 16:05
Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU

The state will increase the purchase in the Zaporizhya Transformer Plant PJS. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said this during his visit to this enterprise.

"We are constructing power transmission lines between Rivne and Khmelnytsk NPPs. We begin the construction of 3rd and 4th power units at KhNPP – you have a lot of work" - Mykola Azarov said.

He noted that the Zaporizhya Transformer Plant is an extremely modern enterprise, it exports its products to 85 countries, in particular the EU, USA, America, Africa, the Middle East. The company is engaged in re-equipping and modernization of production and makes the whole sector of power transformers for generating, transmitting and distributing electricity companies, is engaged in the development of new and modernization of existing types of products. The Prime Minister informed that the average salary at the enterprise is about 5 thousand UAH, and spending on social protection of workers steadily is increased.

The Prime Minister said that he was very pleased that our country receives foreign currency from exports not only grain or steel products, but also from selling high-tech products. According to him, such attitudes and such companies need to develop and maintain.


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