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Macedonia and Ukraine should use its potential for deepening bilateral cooperation
03.11.2010 | 14:00
Department of Information and Communications of the Secretariat of the CMU

Ukraine and Macedonia should actively use its potential for deepening bilateral cooperation. The Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said at a meeting with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski in larger format.

"It is very nice that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between our countries we have very good relationship which passed the test both in hard and in good time" - Mykola Azarov said opening the meeting.

At the same time, according to the Head of Ukrainian Government, the possibility of the two countries is much larger and we need to use them: "We are ready to enhance cooperation to make the Macedonian side a number of interesting proposals." He said it concerns the cooperation in such fields as energy, aviation, and engineering. In addition, Ukraine has good experience in several areas of economy, particularly in energy and gas sector, and Macedonia could benefit from our experience. In addition, Ukraine has great potential for cooperation in science and technology.

Mykola Azarov said that Ukraine has always supported Macedonia in all the stages of its development: "It is pleasant to note that currently we have significantly increased the turnover and even the economic crisis has not affected these figures."

The Prime Minister also informed the Prime Minister of Macedonia on social and economic situation in Ukraine. He noted that due to the victory of Viktor Yanukovych in the presidential elections the country has the opportunity to conduct serious transformations in all spheres of life: "And the government is working hard to reform our economy, our social sphere. Moreover, Mykola Azarov informed his counterpart that Ukraine has elections to local government, where the ruling Party of Regions won a convincing victory: "We believe that people once again supported our course on reform in the country.

In turn, the Prime Minister of Macedonia Nikola Gruevski stressed that relations between Ukraine and Macedonia are characterized by "a strong spirit of friendship, absence of outstanding issues and presence of cooperation in all possible areas of mutual interest."

The level of political and economic relations between Ukraine and Macedonia he estimates high. "Ukraine is a very important partner, but opportunities for increasing trade and expanding economic cooperation are still unused" - Nikola Gruevski said.

"We appreciate the important role of Ukraine in the Balkans region and the world in general, and that foreign policy, which Ukraine follows... We are also grateful to Ukraine's position on recognizing the constitutional name of our country - Macedonia - not only in bilateral relations, but also on the international scene"- Prime Minister of Macedonia said.

In addition, Nikola Gruevski invited Mykola Azarov to visit Macedonia at a convenient time. "The president of your country informed me that his official visit to Republic of Macedonia is scheduled for 2011. I hope you will also find a chance to visit Macedonia. "


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