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Vice Prime Minister on European integration informs Lithuanian Foreign Minister and Slovakian Vice Prime Minister about Ukraine's efforts toward integration with EU
14.04.2005 | 18:45

Vice Prime Minister on European integration Oleh Rybachuk held meetings with Lithuanian Foreign Minister Antanas Valionis and Slovakian Vice Prime Minister on European integration, human rights and minority Pal Csaky on Thursday.

During those two meetings Oleh Rybachuk informed European high officials about Ukraine's efforts on the way to European integration. In particular, he said, that on April 22 in Brussels, Belgium, a Ukraine-EU Committee session would be held, which is the first after signing the Ukraine-EU Action Plan. The Ukrainian party is supposed to present the Road Map for 2005 in Brussels, Belgium with regard to fulfillment of the Ukraine-EU Action Plan. The Road Map, according to Oleh Rybachuk, is a very concrete document, in which all national structures and terms of fulfillment of tasks till 2005's end are assigned. The Vice Prime Minister for European integration considers it to be a test for the both parties, for the Ukrainian party and for the European Union, with regard to fulfillment of agreements. He said that representatives of all ministries, attracted to the European integration process, were working over making the Road Map. During the recent month they proposed concrete steps on implementation of the Ukraine-EU Action Plan.

According to Oleh Rybachuk, the necessity of such a document is to prove that Ukraine is a reliable partner. In particular, according to him, it is envisaged that in case any task of this Road Map is not fulfilled by the Ukrainian party, the relevant Minister or the Vice Prime Minister himself should resign. At the same time he underscored that Ukraine expects the same attitude to relevant agreements from the European party, too. Since successful fulfillment of the Road Map will become a very serious application for a further step of the Ukrainian party, perhaps, in transition to negotiations with regard to an agreement on associated membership.

He reminded that in late October 2005, the Ukraine-EU summit would be staged, where Ukraine also should demonstrate results of the Road Map fulfillment. According to Oleh Rybachuk, 10 obligations from this document are fulfilled by Ukraine over March, i.e. almost over a month after signing the Ukraine-EU Action Plan. After April 22 daily monitoring of the Road Map tasks' fulfillment is considered to be the main task by the Vice Prime Minister.

Oleh Rybachuk noted that two tests will be important for Ukraine in 2005, for receiving the market economy country status and the country's joining the WTO. The main negotiations on those issues will be held by the Economics Ministry.

Oleh Rybachuk said that at the present moment almost each sitting of the Cabinet is related to the European integration. If four subcommittees were working earlier on Ukraine's cooperation with the European Union, at present their number grew to seven. On Wednesday, Head of the Ukrainian party of those subcommittees and the Head of the Custom Service left to Brussels, Belgium. Also, the Ukrainian delegation is working in the Belgian capital, holding negotiations with regard to granting the market status to Ukraine. On the whole, as Oleh Rybachuk noted, negotiations of Ukraine with the European Union proceeded to concrete actions in recent times.


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