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Andriy Mykolayovych


Livytsky Andriy Mykolayovych was born on April 9, 1879 at the farm of Krasny (Zolotonosha district, Poltava province). He was a descendant of an old Cossack family. He studied at the Pryluky gymnasium, then in Kyiv Pavlo Halagans Collegium, and since 1896 at mathematical and juridical faculties of the St. Volodymyr Kyiv University. A. Livytsky took active part in the work of Ukrainian students society. In 1897 and 1899 he was held in the Lukianivska prison. He was expelled from the University and exiled to Poltava district under the secret surveillance of police for taking part in the students strike of 1899. In 1901 he became an active member of Revolutionary Ukrainian Party (RUP). In 1902 1903 he was a member of its Kyiv Committee, then he led the party circle in Lubny. He was a member of Ukrainian Social Democratic Revolutionary Party USDRP since 1905. He was put in jail for participation in revolutionary events of 1906, escaped, but in 1907 he was arrested again and was imprisoned for one year and a half.

After obtaining the University diploma in 1903, he served in the Lubny Circuit Court, and then, since 1905 he was a barrister of the Kharkiv Court Chamber, and in 19131917 an elected judge of Zolotonosha district in Poltava province.

On March 16, 1917 A. Livytsky was elected to the post of Zolotonosha District Commissar, in April he took part in the USDRP conference in Kyiv. On June 2, at the First All-Ukrainian Peasants Congress he became a member of Provisional Central Committee of the Peasants Union from Poltava province, became a member of Ukrainian Central Rada. From August 1 he was the Poltava province commissar. In 1917 early 1918 he headed the Zolotonosha district committee of USDRP and was a member of the Poltava province party Committee.

In the reign of P.Skoropadsky, A. Livytsky served a jurisconsult of the Central Ukrainian Cooperative Committee; during the anti-Hetman revolt in October-December 1918 he was a district and province deputy commissar in the Poltava province. In the Directory government he worked as Provisional Deputy Minister for Internal Affairs, Assistant Minister and Minister of Justice, head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, deputy head of the Council of Peoples Ministers, and, at last, from October 14 to November 18, 1920 a Prime Minister of the Ukrainian Peoples Republic.

Living as an emigrant in 1921 he was the deputy head of V. Prokopovich government and Minister of Justice, in 19221926 he was a Prime Minister and, after S. Petlyuras death in 1926 headed Directory and assumed the post of the Chief Ataman of the UPR Army in Exile.

At the same time he was a head of the UPR State centre in Poland during German occupation but he was connected with Ukrainian emigration in other countries. After war he resided in Germany and was one of the initiators of founding the Ukrainian National Rada in exile, which first session was opened on July 16, 1948 in Auchsburg.

A. Livytsky died on January 17, 1954 in Karlsrube. He was buried in Mnich and soon his ashes were transferred to Ukrainian Memorial Cemetery in Bound-Broock in the vicinity of New York.




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